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Thread: Need some help with ecu tune

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2008-03-22 02:45:01
Need some help with ecu tune
Hey calum, ive come to the conclusion that these injectors that i have are probably not 520cc injectors, You programmed mine for subaru 520cc injectors set to 4 bar fuel pressure, i put the ecu in and set the fuel pressure to 59psi and no luck, the engine started but it was dumping fuel into the cylinders bad, it wouldnt hardly even run unless gas was giving and it was a constant sputter. I had a new usdm coolant temp sensor on there, tps voltage set, timing on my cams is dead on, iginition timing is around 15-16, i dont get it, i tried them a 3 bar fuel pressure and it wasnt as bad but still bad and not drivable, just dumping black smoke out the exhaust, I disconnected the tps and it actually idled better and reved up but still was running dead rich, tried driving and anything over bascily no throttle it just floods out bad.

I know before i had trouble tuning these stupid injectors on my stock ecu with my safcII, if they were indeed 520cc it should have tunned easily even with my stock ecu, i had to actually switch maf readings then take out fuel to get it even close, it was still running dead rich so i switched to a jwt ecu tunned for 370cc's and it should have tunned out even easier without major changes but it still ran dead rich so i had to still tweak the maf in and out setting and take out fuel and it would still run pig rich and i finally got it close and thats when it detonated at higher boost.

I bought the injectors off ebay and they were advertised as 520cc injectors. The next set of yellow top injectors are around the 640cc range then 800cc, so im confused and dont know what size i really got, haha, oh well, so im guessing we are gonna have to play guess and tune till its close and will at least run and drive good, If you can give me a call at 928-246-1746 I would be grateful. Thanks calum. I will try and find out some info on which injectors i actually got, the pin on the tip of the injector is freakin huge btw, Its very very big matter fact. So im thinking maybe the 640cc ones are what i have. If i have to i will just do a 370cc injector a 4 bar tune if we cant figure it out. i can get a set from a friend. im sure youve done a million of those and i know for a fact that they are 370cc haha Give me a call when you can
2008-03-24 04:11:48
Can you give me a call Monday evening?
2008-04-02 01:51:45
Thanks again Calum, your 370cc 4 bar program works awsome, 12psi on 91 pump gas so far with no problems, runs really really strong. Alot better than it was before at 8psi. Very impressed and now i still have a 520cc 4 bar program that i can always throw in when i upgrade later along with a 740cc program.

Appreciate your work, made this nightmare go alot smoother. Plus i made some money on those injectors being they were 816's instead of 520's, guy i bought them from didnt know what he had.
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