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2009-11-17 17:58:30
i hate to see all these complaints against him but hey its your money. I think its more along the lines of he just got soo backed up with them and he couldnt survive just doing ecu's so he had to get an actual full time job and put this stuff on the side.

i know if i were in the same position i would have been slow getting back to people too just from getting overwhelmed by it. There was that point in time where everyone without question or hesitation was sending him ecu after ecu. He had to have had his hands full and completely swamped so i understand his situation.

It sucks some of you lately have had to wait soo long but still, he has supported SR20forum and the Dash for a long time now and gone out of his way. If you were in his spot and had the talent he had i think you would be overwhelmed too if all of a sudden you had hundreds of ecu's to do. So yeah i think he is more taking it easy and chilling out after his years of hard work for our community. Ive had nothing but praise about his ecu's that we have gotten from him and had in my and my buddies car for over 2 years.

Give the guy a break, he doesnt HAVE to do this for us. He is now doing it on the side and frankly with all the complaining of why this and what about this, poor me i wouldnt want to do it for anyone other than closer people either.

Oh well. There are always other options out there.
2009-11-17 18:05:52
he has had a full time job he did this on the side for the community.you think he could of survived with us cheap asses getting ecus your mistaken.
2009-11-17 18:23:53
I knew he had another job but from what he told me he has been just way busier with that and other things.

Again, he has been supporting us for soo long for soo little money for what you get and when he wasnt soo backed up he was pumping them out with a week or two turn around from the time you shipped it to the time you got it back to your door.

Again i dont blame him and i know he is still in works of greater things to come as well. You dont understand how many people ive talked to (big name 240sx RWD SR tuners) that have heard, spoken, and learned from Calum. There are some pretty big things in the works right now. Give it time.

I know one thing, I will still always give my business to Calum. Hell if i can go 9's on a Calum Basic ECU then that will be all the more promotion for him. I hope i can return that to him and i plan to. haha
2009-11-17 20:25:42
If you are going to advertise and run a business then do so...people have been making excuses for him for too long.
If you are ok with having your car down then more power to you, I sold my realtime, bought a used jwt, had it reflashed and returned to me and had my car running again before even hearing back from him.
I'm out of the sr20 game now, so this really doesn't concern me, but when I hear of my friends having the same trouble, that are still in the game, it's just upsetting.
2009-11-17 20:31:58
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
I think its more along the lines of he just got soo backed up with them

I can FULLY understand that, but he is running a business. How come I can't get ahold of him for weeks. I have been waiting on chips for over a year. You call that fair business?

I understand he is busy. I call him, rings and rings goes to voicemail (which was full) No answer to several emails, I start threads and he must not see them or he doesn't want to see them... whatever the case maybe. I have met him before for a dyno day here in Tampa. He was a cool guy.

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Give the guy a break, he doesnt HAVE to do this for us. He is now doing it on the side and frankly with all the complaining of why this and what about this, poor me i wouldnt want to do it for anyone other than closer people either.

He should respond to people and let them know whats going on besides not saying anything. That's just bad business. All I wanted was a simple reply. I 5 second phone conversation to let me know whats going on with my shipment. I am trying to civil about this and not start any sort of flame war.

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
There are always other options out there.

You're right and i will be switching to JWT. The customer service alone is worth the money, I'll keep my calum ecu for a back up. I have always been afraid to open my mouth about my horrible experience with him. But there it is. I know I can't be the only one. When people ask me how I like my calum ecu I tell them the truth.
2009-11-17 20:50:04
good points and yes that is not a way you should run business. But you have to realize. Out of the hundreds of customers he has had, he has just a very tad bit that are not satisfied with his service that he offered to us for literally nothing.

And if you havent noticed its all the ones that have sent him stuff within the last couple months, everyone before that for the last two years has had nothing but praise. He has always helped out and done favors.

CHIPS!!!! Those are not his responsibility. You can purchase the chips that he uses from anywhere online. Hell but i will say this, he has GIVEN me, for Free new bins burned onto a new set of chips multiple times. Again this was over a year ago when he was more up on doing things.

You could have gotten the 100.00 burner and burned the bin yourself onto them and then gone back any time and make changes to the bin if necessary. He sells the service of installing the daugheterboard not doing tunes, not testing them, not burning chips. He does it as a favor for free of charge.

Again i have no problem giving him my business. Like most people that have turbod a car you can expect delays and if this is cutting into your daily driver car because of it you should have gotten a spare ecu to send not sent him one out of your car and have it down. Simple as that.

Im not making excuses for him, im saying in comparison to the people he has done business with he has very very few dis satisfied customers. I can only think of 3 or 4 within the last 2-3 months. And again all at the same time. Obviously something is up and i know he is busy working on other stuff as well.

So give business to whomever you want, its your decision. But you will only miss out on the better things to come from him.
2009-11-18 00:04:32
I've had nothing but good things from Calum. I've been running the same ecu for the past 3 years (besides different chips obviously) and have not had any issues besides my own dumb mistakes. Car runs like a raped ape with the same ecu in my VE car as I had way back in my black boosted b13. Sucks to hear about all the negative feedback fellas. Times are rough!
2009-11-18 00:12:21
times are rough indeed, but he seems to be posting on the other forum, so i'd try gettin ahold of him there guys.. if he's not upto doin business he should let everyone know so they'll stop asking.. i've been runnin my ecu for almost a year with no problems, wish id have gotten a r/t tho shoulda forked out the extra cash when i had a chance heh
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