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2009-09-16 02:38:38
I'm not positive I'm posting this in the right spot, but here it goes...

A while back calum posted something saying that anybody who wants a basic ecu should talk to erick212. I did talk to him and bought an ecu from him. turns out the ecu was bad. Overboosting problems on new setup - SR20 Forum

Tried a buddy's realtime and the car runs great. Long story short I can't get a hold of erick212. I guess he doesn't like dealing with his screw ups. Either way, something needs to be done for my car to run right. I was wondering if I could mail the ECU to you, Calum, and maybe you could check everything out for me and see whats wrong. Could just be a bad tune, I dunno. The car would run, but it would run REALLY rich. And it would spit and sputter just before it got into boost, and just run really crappy.

Any help here would be great. Feel free to move this if I put it in the wrong section.
2009-09-17 18:59:37
Anybody know anything about erick212? I'm pissed. I have a car that runs like sh*t for 165 bucks.
2009-09-17 19:09:20
eick212 isn't on the forums much and has always been a really good guy to me. I haven't talked to him in awhile but if I do I will let him know about this thread.
2009-09-18 01:27:21
I wouldnt take shots at erick on here for giving you a bad tune. This man knows his stuff maybe there was confusion but he is a man of his word and does a lot for the community. For you to come over here and just call him out saying he sold you a **** tune is garbage. I will get in contact with him if possible and see if I can help you, dont ask why I would after your little tantrum but I will try to help.
2009-09-18 01:42:03
i spoke to him to come check it out so dont get your panties in a bunch
2009-09-18 04:30:39
Thank you, everybody. I'm not mad, I'm just frustrated. And I figured he was a decent guy because he's friends with calum. I just don't know why he wouldn't respond to my messages. When there is money involved, I tend to panic and look for the most efficient way of getting in touch with somebody...so this thread worked pretty well so far.

Again, thanks for asking him to help me out.
2009-09-21 16:44:53
Sr20? has been contacted.....
2009-09-22 19:57:14
Talked to erick. everything has been worked out. sending my ecu to calum today for him to look at it for me.

thanks everybody
2009-10-23 06:37:56
Calum, I haven't heard anything from you in a while. Last thing I heard, you were mailing my ECU back last week, but I still haven't gotten it. Wondering if you could just PM and let me know what's going on. I'll also call you tomorrow after 6, if you don't mind.
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