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Thread: Calum ECU for VE Question?

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2009-07-22 20:03:04
Calum ECU for VE Question?
Hey guys since Calum is busy maybe one of you guys may know the answer to this. I bought a 96 MT ECU from a 200 SX SE-R and sent it to him to be modified for my VE powered B14. Me and him decided to remove the rev limiter so the engine could reach its potential RPM power range. HE said that he would do that and set it up for the N1 cams I in stalled. Well he did that and the car runs great but when I finally ran the N1s I hit what I believe to be a rev limiter at 8500 RPM. A rather violent one at that. Is it possible he just moved the rev limiter to a higher RPM? Also it only comes into effect when the car is under load. Meaning if I put it in neutral I can burry the needle and over rev the engine. I did infact do that so I am buying an MSD set up with the limiter to avoid doing it again. I just want to have some light shed on this issue. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks Also if i was not clear this is not a real time ecu. Thanks again.
2009-07-22 23:42:04
If you have a Moates chip burner you can extract the program he loaded and use Tunerpro or Rom Editor to check/change the rev limit.
2009-07-23 23:27:08
Well it hit me today. After some surfing on the forum I saw that there is not a way to set a rev limiter past like 8213 or something close to that RPM. It must be a missfire that I have felt at or around 8500 RPM. After all it is the stock ignition system. At that RPM I would imagine there is not enough dwell time for the coil to fire properly. I think MSD is calling my name big time.
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