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Thread: Hold on new orders

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2010-01-15 00:14:19
I don't believe you need Nistune software to talk to a Nistune board. If you can use Nistune to talk to a Calumsult ECU, you should be able to use Tunerpro to talk to a Nistune ECU.
2010-01-15 01:39:19
hmmm can anyone confirm one way or another?
2010-01-15 15:57:02
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
hmmm can anyone confirm one way or another?

No, but pls go ahead and spend on a Nistune, try and then tell us! Be the scape goat...
2010-01-15 15:59:59
Sure, give me a Nistune ECU and I'll test it.
2010-01-15 17:13:03
i will have you guys a definitive answer this afternoon when we hook my car up to the laptop and try it with tunerpro.

oh and by the way, i dont want to give anyone false hopes on how long it takes to get a board from nistune. the board was here in the states in 6 business days. luckily U.S. customs only held it for a day or so. when i ordered my buddy Optimumse-r board it got here in the same amount of time but customs held it for almost two weeks. so delivery varies depending on how long customs wants to hold it.
2010-01-15 17:26:15
Is there a nistune board available for VE ecus?
2010-01-15 18:24:34
2010-01-15 18:37:15
I'm hoping to finish my VE this weekend. If so, I already have a base program from Matt @ NIStune installed on my board. programmed for VE, 333cc, n60 maf. Then maybe next month, full dyno tune.
2010-01-15 22:34:41
well, my update will have to wait till monday ladies and germs. we need a little assistance from Matt at nistune for get my ecu ready. but sure thing is monday or tuesday i will let you guys know how it goes.
2010-01-16 14:34:07
here is what matt from nistune told me when i asked if other software like tunerpro can be used to tune a nistune board

"Tunerpro only works with emulators using a specific protocol. We use the consult protocol and extend it. Tunerpro doesnt support consult. Calumsult boards are run to look like an emulator and also have consult on them. Hence you can use it with Tunerpro and consult software (but no integrated package apart from Nistune can do both at once)"
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