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Thread: Hold on new orders

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2010-01-11 22:47:45
i forseen a long wait, that is why i bought and sent a spare ecu.
can't beat calum's prices, and i love my ecu. I experienced nothing but great customer service from calum via telephone if i had any questions. I can understand everyone's frustration for their long wait, but i waited much longer for my jwt ecu. I waited 2 months for calum, whereas I waited 5 months for jwt.
2010-01-12 21:56:38
people who are in a hurry and need an ECU should not be sending it to calum at all at this point since he is so backed up. there are other alternatives out there that can be used to alleviate the pressure on Calum.

he has been backed up for months so i decided to take one of those alternatives in NISTUNE. got it in 7 days from australia and is being soldered in as we speak and will have it tomorrow. 8 day turn around.

so guys, if you arent ready to wait try an alternative. JWT is notoriously slow, but the two ecus i have sent i have gotten back in under a week. I feel bad for all those who have ECU's in limbo and i hope Calum gets caught up soon for your sake.
2010-01-13 02:02:45
wow, the turn around time for a nistune ecu is hella quick!
how much?
2010-01-13 06:13:17
its like 253 for the board and you have to have someone solder it in. and BAM you have a real time ecu.
2010-01-13 06:15:57
ya but cant you use other tuning software or do you have to use nistune only? also you have to get the cable dont ya?
2010-01-13 18:27:36
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
ya but cant you use other tuning software or do you have to use nistune only? also you have to get the cable dont ya?

Nistune is now compatible with Calumsult and a few other tuning softwares. (don't remember). You can purchase the cable from ecutalk.com for like $80.
2010-01-14 04:08:34
from what my guy told me you can use the nistune board with calumsult, tunerpro and nistune as well. you get a cable like my boy optimum said from ecutalk, blazt, or PLMS. nice thing is you can use the cable on all your buddies b13's through the consult port and check out all the parameters on their cars.
2010-01-14 04:11:15
i see, thats good news! lol sux bein a cheap ass but what do ya do when ya wanna have good stuff but are on a budget lol.. i can spend that extra 200 on something else like a light weight flywheel instead of nistune softwear..
2010-01-14 05:59:55
i was told by the guy at nistune that you had to use the nistune software with their boards
edit: just checked nistunes page and the calum boards are compatible with nistune software, i dont believe it works the other way around
2010-01-14 06:09:15
hmmmmmmm can someone try this cause i really wanna know before i go spending money in other places an then not have enough for the program if i need it..
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