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Thread: No more drag racing in SoCal....

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2012-05-05 19:34:31
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
Wow drama in the cali section. Can't we all get along?

That would be too boring.

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2012-05-05 19:43:58
Come on guys leave the drama for the honda......
2012-05-05 20:07:28
Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
Robert said he didn't like you, Andy.

Lol. Raul, the instigator.
2012-05-05 22:26:40
2012-05-07 21:13:53
What about Vegas? I know its 3+ hours for most, but its better than Bakersfield, Sacramento or any other place in BFE...They have street legal drags on Wednesday nights and shit, IIRC...Im sure theres other events...

Definitely does suck about Fontucky, that was a good option IMHO....but just goes to show public (ignorance) opinion and what color of money has power... I bet if that shit was an airport or petroluem plant generating billions to several large corporations, damn the noise and emissions itd be open for business day in and day out and probably expand and consume homes around it LOL

I heard Robert said Andy looks like Uncle Ben, too...

2012-05-07 21:30:15
Naw that what he use to call my JDM sweet 240 before it got hot.

now it's hot
2012-05-07 21:37:11
nope...it was a direct insult at your general appearance....dont try to de-escalate...
2012-05-07 21:49:46
Ohhh on then were going to have to box ass soon as he lets go of your meat.
2012-05-07 22:10:15
LMAO....leave my meat out of this...this between Uncle Ben and the Prolific Portuguese Punisher

Shall we start selling seats?
2012-05-07 22:17:39
HAHAHa let the mud wrestling begin.......
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