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Thread: Pretty sure none of you guys are...

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2008-11-17 09:59:54
Pretty sure none of you guys are...
in yorba linda or the upper anaheim hills area...

but half of my friends have lost their houses, my buddies project 240 and rb are gone, my ex that i had to leave back there her mom and dad both lost their house's

and now its about 200 feet away from my step brothers 2.5 mil dollar house which has his t88 supra, 2 lambos and 2 ferrari's...hes trying to get the cops to let him back in is the last i heard....

cars, house's, engines....its all replaceable

lives arent, take what you have for granted.

im still praying for all of em.

im pretty sure there wasnt anyone from the forum around there the only 2 i dont remember are mike k. and his buddy with the jwt red b13...

hope everyones good!
2008-11-17 13:24:26
Yea sorry to hear about all that. In these times you really realize that your health is more important then money or material things.

I would just leave the house and cars alone to be honest as much as it would hurt.
2008-11-17 15:00:58
Wow sorry to hear about your step brother man. Any update?!?!?
2008-11-17 16:46:29
wow, I remember you telling me about that supra when you still lived here. Yeah, these fires are really taking a toll on socal. Mike K and Stehpen Quinn are fine. they are in the western side of orange county so they are only getting rained on by ashes.

I live about 1 mile from the coast line in hermosa beach and there's ash falling here aswell, eventhough the fires are 80 miles away.
2008-11-18 04:35:57
my car is white now.
2008-11-19 09:10:49
well i have good and bad news...

step brothers house made it so far i think..talked to my ex and fairmont hill started smoking again so it might be round 2, havent talked to him yet though since i heard that though....

bad = friends still calling with burnt down house's

yea i figured most of you were okay, and i think charlies in downtown anaheim so im sure hes good.
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