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Thread: Caliper guide pin import from Rockauto and those brackets

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2020-01-09 18:16:12
Caliper guide pin import from Rockauto and those brackets
I think I need new caliper guide pins (I'm sure ). Those cost me 33 coins (per front brake assembly) overhere but it does include that larger rubber boot that won't go in easy and that smaller rubber boot where the thicker of the two pins and the bracket are made watertite. I still find it a lot of money even for European standards.

But Rockauto to the rescue, they offer just the pins and my boots are good for only $3.45 - $5.41. But one is oem, the other is 'Professional' and the last one is 'R-line' and who doesn't want to own R-line?

But I don't know jack about American oem's and the line up is Carlson, Acdelco and Raybestos.

Would someone recommend me what to choose, Carlson, Acdelco or Raybestos? I take your gut feeling over mine. I say this because I am aware of European oem's and their shortcuts. If you will want to recommend original guide pins over this line-up, I'm sure I can find those too at Courtesy Parts or another American sending internationally webshop. Webshops from American origin that offer international shipping for Nissan original parts are a miracle overhere.

And then those brackets where those guide pins slide in to, do you know where I can get those? I'm not very confident about the ones I have now. I'm confident a hard to get part in my country, please advice and I'll take it
2020-01-11 07:04:05
AC Delco and Raybestos are well-known brake caliper and pad producers considered middle-of the road in my opinion. They probably make a lot of the stuff for "better" companies who are willing to spec and pay for better quality out of them. I'd buy them if I had to.

I have no opinion of Carlson. Never heard of them.

If you want to go OEM, Greg Vogel at G Spec Performance ships internationally and would be my recommendation. You might have to call or e-mail though. Not sure how ordering from his site works as I've always called. It's not like he has every available Nissan part listed on the site to buy, but he can get them all.

The brackets I believe you're talking about are called something specific, but I don't remember what it is. Although most places are calling them caliper brackets from what I'm seeing now, so that's cool. FYI when you buy a "loaded" caliper, it comes with that bracket. That's part of what "loaded" means in this context. Anyway, Greg Vogel can get you OEM units too, or you can source aftermarket from a bunch of different US places assuming they ship internationally:
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