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Thread: How to adjust an old coilover

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2019-01-12 07:13:32
How to adjust an old coilover
Now that I have some better front tires and proper wheel alignment, my car looses grip when the road becomes slippery. After investigating I learned that one of the front coilovers is too short.

The brand is K-Sport and while those can be bumpy, that only happens when it is cold weather. The tool to adjust the ride height is soft metal and not up to the job. The coilovers haven't been adjusted for several years now.

This is the K-Sport tool.

This is how I believe it should be applied.

This is a wrench I have borrowed somewhere.

My question is, I believe to loosen the ring to be able to adjust ride height is counter clockwise? The reason I am asking is that when I applied the wrench, the whole coilover rotated a little, like if the top three bolts had some slack, so that ring I wanted to loosen is acutally moving the whole coilover.
2019-01-12 14:19:26
Good luck bro that shit is super crusty lol

Ya righty tighty lefty loosey, try cleaning the threaded part an spray on some pb blaster or something
2019-09-15 05:56:14
I gave up on getting that metal ring for ride heigt loosend. So I removed the whole thing and guess what, it needs common tools a track racer might have laying around.

The tools required are something we call a waterpipewrench and the other is that tool to remove a disc fom an angle grinder. Not included but that works best. This is for K-Sport so pretty smart thinking for a Chinese product.

I adjusted the height about 0.12 inch up and it still is throwing abs here and there but less, so I'll bring it up to 0.2 inch and see what happens.

From an angle grinder, with the strut in a bench this one will fixate it since it would rotate else.

This tool is called a waterpipewrench overhere, I don't know its proper name. However this is not the one I used but I can give you it's size if you would want one. Those two K-Sport included are still good for adjusting the aluminium rings for spring tension.

Topic solved!
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