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Thread: B13 Koni options

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2016-03-01 20:30:42
Originally Posted by Serban
Also, just a note, I made these tubes without the tabs for the rear sway bar, so if you're using a stock sway bar, price will be a little more.

I was looking at the photos and just about to reply asking about the missing rear sway bar tab for the factory mounting locations. hehe.
2016-03-01 20:34:58
Also, in your old strut, that spring is upside-down.
2016-03-01 20:48:17
Originally Posted by Kyle
Also, in your old strut, that spring is upside-down.

I'm sure they are. These are loaners since I sold the S13 Tein setup. I'm sure this whole strut/spring kit is from the 90s. I've never seen actual Tokico springs before.
2016-03-01 20:50:38
Originally Posted by Kyle
@Keo has told me 8610 = Koni Yellows.

8611 are the double adjustable ones and are also yellow but have twice the adjust-ability.

I am not entirely sure on that (for the 8610-RACE compared to the OTS yellows atleast). There is a valving difference between the OTS yellows/maximas and the 8610-RACE (the price difference alone between the two is an indicator). From what I understand the 8610-RACE is closer in valving to the 8611 DAs. The 8610 shares the same digressive curve of the 8611, but with preset compression. The Yellow has a digressive curve, but it's not nearly as digressive as the 86** series. The shaft is larger on the 86** as well, iirc.
2016-03-02 16:45:59
Koni upper spring seats are machined and ready for use! These are for a 2.25" spring, but Koni has an insert (probably Delrin), that acts as a bearing, which is nice, now I don't need to worry about thrust bearings.

Hoping to have everything on the car this weekend.

UPDATE 12/12/16
This upper spring seat was not compatible with the GC camber plate, and destroyed both of my front inserts. It was an expensive lesson, and after getting new inserts. I got the necessary hardware to re-use the GC upper perches.
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2016-03-10 14:38:42
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2016-03-18 03:26:50
Will these fit the rear of my NX? I have been looking for some housings to run the 8611 Koni race inserts. What about ride height? I run about 2 to 3" lower than stock. I don't want to bottom out the stroke on bump travel.
2016-03-18 10:43:41
The whole assembly is maybe about 2" shorter (I should have measured when I had them side by side). You should easily get your 2-3" drop without any problem.

When I assembled them, I had the lower spring seat adjusted so the spring was touching both top and bottom seat, the insert fully extended. If you look at the picture of the car posted above, that's how it sits without actually lowering it any more.
2016-03-18 12:23:45
By the way, here is how the car sits with the Konis on all 4 corners. The front was lowered maybe 1/4".

BTW @rioredstang, if you need a pair of housings made, I can do it, I just need one of your inserts to mock up the tubes.
2016-03-19 03:59:27
No I haven't ordered them. I have not decided what spring rates I am going to run. I can't have valving package till I know. I think the last time I talked to Gregg we thought that 850 to 900 spring rate with the sway bar. I wanted to have a source for housings. They will be 8611 double adjust.
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