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Thread: NX2000 Energy Suspension Techniques Sway bars

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2015-09-16 15:16:08
NX2000 Energy Suspension Techniques Sway bars
So I have a set of sway bars from 8+ years ago that I've had. They are the 30mm fronts and 19mm rears original bought for my 1991 SE-R. I would like to install them on my 1992 nx2000, any issues with doing this guys? I saw a lot of small comments about binding issues. Can anyone with this setup give me some input. Pointers on the install method and issues you ran into while installing and now with them on the car?

thanks guys
2015-09-17 02:31:04
Install for the rear is straight forward if you have all the correct brackets. And you'll need an impact gun.

For the front, I imagine you have the version that goes under the control arms, it's even easier to install than stock; as long as you have stuff to hold up the control arms while you install the bar underneath.
You'll have to remove your exhaust downpipe for sure.

Honestly though, having had both ST sway bars on my NX, I'd leave the front stock and just use the rear.
The front caused way too much understeer at quick/sharp turn in.
I went back to stock front ST rear.
2015-09-17 04:59:54
alright i'll try the rear first. I just read on the forum from about 8 year ago, lol. Compressing the suspension to get the rears one and ect. lol
2015-09-17 14:32:51
Yea, anytime you do suspension modifications(swaybars, braces, things other than struts) you're not supposed to tighten it with the car in the air.
The suspension should be at ride height, otherwise you'll have preload at ride height and it'll make the car feel twitchy.
2015-09-17 16:55:05
Read this.

2015-09-19 01:43:09
The ST rear bar is awful. The pin style links cause a ton of binding and don't let the rear suspension articulate.
2015-09-19 16:16:38
Originally Posted by Blair
The ST rear bar is awful. The pin style links cause a ton of binding and don't let the rear suspension articulate.

You mean the link being connected from the bar to the strut as OEM has it done? Or did ST modify it further?
2015-09-23 20:52:49
The OE bar has a pin type at the top and a ball socket at the bottom. The ST is pin type at both ends.
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