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Thread: B13 Addco Rear swaybar installation

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2015-07-19 17:55:53
Originally Posted by canx2k
Sure looks like a lotta clearance. I wonder why mine has almost none!

Check the differences between the two picture closely with your attention on the bottom of the struts, you'll see why one has clearance and the other doesn't.

Originally Posted by zeneffect
I'd flip the end link bolt so you get clearance up top and angle it correctly so the bushings compress evenly... And I'd get new bushings.

And this will help.
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2015-07-19 22:53:21
Most definitely a ST rear bar. I just removed mine several months ago to install a Progress rear bar. The Progress rear bar is 3-way adjustable and comes with Heim-jointed endlinks with the holes horizontal for the endlink mounting. The ST rear bar has vertical holes for endlink mounting.

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2015-07-22 15:07:39
B13 Addco Rear swaybar installation
Redid the bushings with energy suspension bits. Needed to put them on the bench grinder and dremel to fit right but test grind test grind, mint. Mounted the bolts the opposite direction with loctite. What do you think? Better?

2015-07-22 23:39:52
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2015-07-22 23:45:06
Loctite on the Teflon lock nut?
2015-07-23 12:39:58
You still put the endlink bolt on the "very hard" way.

Why did you need to put the bushings in the bench grinder?
2015-07-23 13:29:07
Originally Posted by NissanEgg
You still put the endlink bolt on the "very hard" way.

Why did you need to put the bushings in the bench grinder?

No, with the nut on the top (as was previous), it was hitting the bottom of the strut. And the bushings' nipple (tee hee) was too wide for the bracket and swaybar - also the bushings themselves were taller already, plus the washers were thicker, resulting in the inability even with a prybar, to get the threads started on the endlinks.
2015-09-10 14:18:47
Sort of a necro. Changed back to oem for the moment. Couldn't get the bar to centre on the normal spots. Am I correct in assuming it will slide its way into proper spot being that it's constantly moving? Otherwise I have no idea how to get it to move to the one side a bit more.
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