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Thread: B13 Addco Rear swaybar installation

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2015-07-15 00:35:54
Ok I have the tabs yes. The bar after mounting reaches under the struts, rather than turning sideways like the oem bar. The whole thing is odd if it's not meant to go on this way, I got no freaking clue
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2015-07-15 00:44:26
B13 Addco Rear swaybar installation

2015-07-15 00:47:47
I dunno what bar fan means.


That brings up the PDF to arrange the suspension as OEM, simply replace the old bar with the Addco bar.

Here are the install instructions per Addco via there website. http://addco.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/693.pdf

The bar is (supposed) to be Addco stock #693 if correct.

To reply to your new photos. It does not even look like it will fit.
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2015-07-15 00:51:22
Going back on my txts Justin claimed rear adco swaybar. F. Further ripped off then?
2015-07-15 03:12:19
Looks like a st bar to me. Hope this pic helps with your assembly.

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2015-07-15 03:44:19
So it's installed right then? That looks like how I installed mine...or no?
2015-07-15 04:02:37
I'd flip the end link bolt so you get clearance up top and angle it correctly so the bushings compress evenly... And I'd get new bushings.

Def not an addco bar
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2015-07-15 12:49:42
Sure looks like a lotta clearance. I wonder why mine has almost none!
2015-07-15 13:19:59
Did some researching, here's some numbers if anyone cares:
front : P# 7.5115R
Nissan 28MM FRT SWAY

rear : P# 7.5116R

And if you want to simply replace the bushings,
Originally Posted by brokeser
Here it is cats:

ES swaybar end link bushing set, part# 9.8105R. These come with 8 bushings and 8 metal washers.
I also saw the swaybar bushing mount set, but I don't have the measurements for the stock SE-R. That would be a great upgrade also. I'll check out one of my friends OEM front and rear sways for measurements this weekend and post it with the ES equivalent.

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2015-07-15 14:40:50
A third brand is introduced? Wonderful!

Here is the install instructions for the third brand mentioned, Suspension Techniques.

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