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Thread: Used "BC-Racing V1" coilovers?

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2015-04-12 16:10:05
Used "BC-Racing V1" coilovers?
Found a guy selling these used coils for less than ½ the retail price. He claimed they were used for 6k miles only.

Should I strike? I rarely see any B13 items on my local craigslist... Anyone used BC-Racing V1 coils here?
2015-04-13 18:10:04
look almost exactly like megan ez as no camber plates.

whats the price on them? and that dust is not 6000 miles worth of dirt, closer to 35k. I have about 40k on my megans, and they are far cleaner than those.... and its not like I wash the damn things either.... ever.
2015-04-13 18:28:51
Without camber plates I would pass.
2015-04-13 19:33:10
The price is 400$, might be able to knock it down abit since B13 parts don't sell well here on the used market

They do look dirty, who knows if they clean up..

For the price of ordering new KYB struts and shipping them to Finland, it is a very tempting price :/
2015-04-13 22:56:17
I got my megan ez's for about that price. at $400 its worth it. camber adjustment can be added by either adding top hats, crash bolts, or slotting struts. replacing top hats being the preferred method
2015-04-14 00:25:06
Save your money and buy brand New if you know the person then buy them but I wouldn't risk it
2015-04-14 09:12:27
Thanks for all the input guys, I will see if I can knock down the price abit (since they do look more used than 6K), otherwise I will pass.
2015-04-14 23:45:45
@zeneffect where did u get urs?
2015-04-15 00:33:34
I don't even remember, I think it was Megan directly when they first came out. I haggled down the price on the phone and picked it up from them.
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