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Thread: Strut mounts

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2015-03-12 01:29:50
Strut mounts
I got a set of KYB AGX struts and RM springs. I will be installing them this weekend and was wondering if I could reuse the stock seats, dust boots, etc from my stock struts and rear shocks as long as they are still in good shape?
2015-03-12 02:41:56
Yessir. Re-use anything that still looks good.

The only thing you really need to replace are the thrust bearings.


Originally Posted by 98sr20ve
I never understood why people want to replace all the parts. Just get new bearings. Thats the only part that wears out. Have a shop pull the springs and put the new ones in if you are nervous about that part. They will do that for 20-30 bucks a pair easy. I throw the tophats away all the time when I get housing for Koni jobs and I can't remember the last time I saw a set of oem top hats I would not reuse with just some new bearings.
2015-03-15 03:54:50
I've never seen any stock rubber spring seats that weren't worn. Get 10 feet of 1/2 inch heater hose and put a 15 inch piece on each end of the springs. Just spray the inside of each piece of hose with silicone or it will stick part way on.

This is much neater than fooling with used rubber seats and makes assembly a bit easier. I did this when I installed Road Magnets/AGX on my B13. For me it was cheaper to buy two 6 foot pieces of Goodyear hose online than to buy 10 feet locally, but I live in a smaller town.
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