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Thread: B14 vs. P11 Suspension Interchangability? KYB AGX/ Road Magnet Combo

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2015-02-19 19:50:04
B14 vs. P11 Suspension Interchangability? KYB AGX/ Road Magnet Combo
After reading through the Suspension thread on the information library and doing some part number reference checks I still have a couple questions.

The information library primarily references B13, B14 and B15 but not really P10 or P11-

It appears the rear struts are interchangeable from B14 over to p11 according to rock auto but it gives different part numbers on the fronts?

Ebay lists the same part number for KYB AGX for the b14 and p11 fronts

However, KYBoutlet.com lists two different part numbers for the b14 fronts that do not match p11?

Has anyone swapped their b14 suspension over to a p11 before? was there any complications or modifications needed?

Spring rates different? Road magnent does not list a set of springs for the p11 on their website- would b14 or b15 springs fit on a p11?

thanks in advance to all who reply.
2015-02-19 20:55:06
p11 has shocks all around, b14 are struts up front and shocks in the rear. the b14 and p11 rear shocks are interchangeable. but you can not use the p11 shocks in the front of the b14 struts or vise versa.

no other springs other than p11 will fit it. same as all the other chassis.
2015-02-19 23:28:51
Thanks for the clarification, didn't realize there was a difference on the p11. Guess I should have taken a closer look at the spring perch in the pics during my search.
2015-02-20 06:21:45
Just look at the field service manual, please.
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