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Thread: Super Struts vs Regular Struts

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2015-02-09 19:25:00
Originally Posted by ny5speed
They have had awd turbo fusions since 2013. All auto though.

OOo will take a look, I'm willing to bend to auto if it's CVT... and has good gas mileage

Originally Posted by Boostlee
..........And the fFcus RS is on the way as well!

Never liked a Ford, but that one has piqued my interest!

Sorry for the threadjack!

That's actually what had me start this thread. After seeing that they were bringing 300hp AWD Focus, I was curious on how on earth they were able to keep 300hp down on FWD cars and I found the super strut info. Peaked my interest because our cars with 200hp torque steer like a mule.
2015-02-09 20:14:04
Originally Posted by Vadim

Peaked my interest because our cars with 200hp torque steer like a mule.

That would have to do with Nissan made the SE-R with a 140HP, N/A engine in mind. They did not create the car with the turbocharged beasts that we shove inside them. We create a problem that did not exist by shoving a turbo engine into a car with an N/A engine. Most of the time with old, beat, or inappropriate suspension. Give and take, cause and effect.

Ford knew they were shoving the engines into the cars they chose to. The engineers take that into consideration and the newer advances in chassis design allows a stiffer suspension without causing the passengers inside to feel like a marble being shaken.
2015-02-09 20:18:32
Also the outer edge tire wear is pretty bad repeated laps is an issue on Subaru's and strut based cars without a lot of static camber and roll centre correction
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2015-02-09 20:27:05
Originally Posted by nickr
Also the outer edge tire wear is pretty bad repeated laps is an issue on Subaru's and strut based cars without a lot of static camber and roll centre correction

Very true. I look at the tires between the G20 multi-link, the Sky double wishbone, the B13/B14 strut, the Frontier double wishbone, the Santa Fe strut, and the tires do more than enough speaking. Struts wreak havoc on tire wear. The sky looks like a straight line, G20s are both similar to the sky and frontier. But all the strut based cars display all the wallowing the poor tire is doing from camber curves, toe curves, and caster fights.

I wanted to bring up this little gem. Just looking at your tires can give you lots of information. Back before computers and on-board sensors gave you instant real-time data, old heads had to do this one the legit way. Reading tire wear and taking tire temps. That would tell them how much work a tire is doing, even specifically, what part of the tire is more hot than the others.

Very important information on everyones cars, just waiting to be read. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
2015-02-09 20:38:14
Tire wear on my b15 was actually pretty good actually, no uneawen wear. I ran around -1.5 camber static on the B15, lowered 1". P11 would destroy the same tires (205/50/15 Yakohoma AD08's) They would be glazed from too much sliding.

Straight line wear, B15 definitely would show camber wear, and P11 would have pretty good even wear (due to static 0* camber).
2015-02-09 20:48:22
That is correct and sounds right. The B15 was set up correctly to maintain the tire contact patch the suspension would go through. Your tires prove they did just that. There was no an obscene amount of tire wear because the suspension moved correctly with The suspension did the work correctly .

The P11 gave so much before the tire contact patch is gone, which was not a lot to give, sadly. Need more - camber to help the suspension do what it does which is move very little.
2015-02-10 03:58:25
my pulsar with 2.7 degrees static neg camber, 0.1 toe out, 3.6 degrees caster, still shows no inner tire wear, its all outer edge. i've got a roll centre correction ball joint coming, which im going to test out. to see if i can get some more front roll resistance and a better camber curve. the pulsar on a hot day, just starts to eat the outside edge and i start plowing through everything i have to back off heavily to get it to turn without screaming like a cat

a little side track relating to the tire comments above.

i temp gun my tires inner, middle, outer edge, for data purposes on my runs.
just to see if im actually using all my tire, it also says a little bit on how im driving if i get data out of the ordinary,
I also mark down when i felt i had the most grip, mark down those temps and try to aim for those with water spraying.

my pulsar isnt used for any real competition its my fun car, and my experimentation of various things happens on this car. i've switched to a dual spring setup in the rear, 600lbs 6inch rear, with a swift 4kg helper. i've got about 5mm of travel (at around 165lbs/inch rate) before the helper bottoms and im at a 600lb rate. i seem to have much better rear traction out of corners now, and a softer ride over bumps, while still having the same response.
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