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Thread: B13 Traction Bar Ideas

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2014-12-14 05:50:04
B13 Traction Bar Ideas
Sorry if someones already thought of this but, instead of attaching them to where the sway bar bolts to the car, attach them to the lower rad support, like under where the bumper support goes in or something.. I haven't been under my car to look if thats even possible but I'm going to check it out..

IIRC theres more then 1 hole in the LCA, 1 for the sway bar endlink an 1 other one not used..

I'm tryin to think of a way to not have to remove the sway bar to install a traction bar that way it'd be eaiser to put on an take off when needed as im not going to ditch my front sway bar so swapping them would be a PITA lol
2014-12-14 15:57:54
I had fabbed up one that works without removing the sway bar, I never took pics and sold that car but I still have the parts I'll see if I can fit one up the next time I have a fwd sr20 car at my place.

Going to the front under the rad support is tricky because the inner fender is very low so to clear it the traction bar would be a ground scraper for sure.
2014-12-14 20:32:57

This is what I got going on I did this set last year and now it is going to be in the works soon
2014-12-14 20:43:30
Did you have to weld anything onto the control arm to connect them rod ends?
2014-12-14 20:57:42
Doesn't look like you have full turning radius with that, Steve
2014-12-14 21:23:13
Sometimes I think your chassis must be off or something man. Maybe your subframe or something. I've never seen anyone get this level of un-curable un-mitigated wheel hop with your WHP. What are you at like 250-275whp?
2014-12-14 22:32:28
Yes I welded some box tubing to the control arm and the turning radius is ok but with slicks it rubs
2014-12-15 01:37:48
Right on steve thanks!

@Benito Malito who knows man.. it aligns just fine... I did find out these s-drives are prone to hopping tho.
2014-12-15 04:50:19
Just so we r on the same page the bars on my car don't stop the hop it stops the control arms from moving back words it stops the flex in the control arm if you want to stop the hop you need to find a good suspension or find a good spring rate
2014-12-15 04:53:54
Also tiers and air pressure play a big roll to in the summer time my car was great and hooked as it got colder and didn't fuck with the pressure it hopped like a bitch
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