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Thread: How many interested in a new high end coil over at a good price?

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2014-10-01 20:02:58
Originally Posted by Vadim

Until we know how good they are we have to assume they are as good as ebay/china coilovers. If your willing to settle for that I'm sure someone on eBay has coil overs for P10, B13 and B14 .

Two different cars I know, but the pages look to be for general model of suspension and not cars.
Zeta-S (P11)
Zeta-R (Legacy GT)

Zeta-R is what I would consider for the P11, here is a legitimate question @MeisterR, can I order custom spring rates for your suspensions? Do you re-valve for the higher/lower rates with that order, Is there an upcharge?

Unless it is NISSAN OEM-branded.... I don't really settle for much of anything that involves eBay.

Or a good ol fashioned Koni custom shortened unit of course.
2014-10-01 20:07:15
Here is my issue with the highly prized/raved CSK's. Your still at the liberty of crappy spring manufactures and their crappy springs with crappy ride heights.

This is why I decided to give up on the idea of CSK's and went straight to coilovers (Pillow ball camber plates, adjustable perches, adjustable springs, etc.) All I want is essentially a coil over design like BC with a better shock, I already will use SWIFT springs, so don't care about spring quality.
2014-10-01 20:22:13
^^ Yeah, it's called Advaned Design, Penske, Motion Control, JRZ, etc

Any of those guys, with enough $$$$ flashed in thier face will make you whatever set you like. Last I checked, you could call up GC and order up a Koni based setup. Not cheap and only uses Yellows unless specified, but it's a possible
2014-10-01 20:25:00
I would actually love a Bilstein shock and rest being BC parts. Good enough for what I need. But I dunno if it's honestly worth dropping $2k on coilovers for me, I don't race enough to justify it. Hence I'm fine with ok BC dampers, they were more then good enough on my B15.
2014-10-01 21:07:54
Guys, just to say I am not avoiding anything… I just haven't had the time to put everything together yet.
The thing is some questions asked are legitimate, and those who have any weight of proper R&D behind their product should know.

Personally we have loads of dyno in a folder and I can just scan and post…
But it doesn't answer a lot of the questions asked (such as cross walk and knee position) as we mainly use FvD to tune our valving.
It is also hard to read as our dyno do not print pretty looking colourful dyno…

We have take a look at the questions and it sort of help us come up with a presentation to provide answer to FAQ.
The GT1 are just in the final stage so we actually have to take care of all the back order first (yes, we have many people that work with us that had placed order before the GT1 suspension were even completed because they were that impressed with the engineering involved).

For now, my priority is to fulfil all the back order as we have made some revision to the GT1 piston design.
So just trying to get everything together as there are quite a few specialist engineering shop involved.

The thing with coilovers is that it isn't design for racing, auto-x, etc…
Anyone can come up with a suspension that will work well for 1-certain thing but be absolutely horrible in another.
The reason for advanced piston design is that you can get the suspension can do everything well.

A good set of coilovers allows the driver to enjoy the car everywhere… rather you drive on the bumpy roads, or do long journey.
If you feel like you are getting punish every time you get into the car, you know that the suspension is rubbish.

2014-10-01 23:37:14
Please give it more than 1 inch of useable travel
2014-10-02 01:02:59
those use B15 style rear mounts iirc. so they will not work on your car.
2014-10-02 02:09:47
Originally Posted by MeisterR
Personally we have loads of dyno in a folder and I can just scan and post…
But it doesn't answer a lot of the questions asked (such as cross walk and knee position) as we mainly use FvD to tune our valving.
It is also hard to read as our dyno do not print pretty looking colourful dyno…

The paragraph above unfortunately Jerrick is where I have my doubts about this setup

1) It is Cross TALK NOT cross walk. Simple enough mistake, so I will not delve too deeply into this one.
2) The idea behind knee point and graphs does not dictate that you need "pretty looking colourful dyno" as it is the physical quantity of change in slope of the graph generated by dynoing a shock. Essentially it's the change in slope of the shock dyno graph. It has NOTHING to do with color. This is something which is IMMEDIATELY noticed regardless of color.

Which brings me another point; Cross Talk. A simple adjustment and re-dyno will give you the answer (read: 2 dyno sessions with 2 different settings, which according to you, you have tons of!). If you have to pull files and prepare to answer such very simple and basic questions, then it is VERY evident you are not quite knowledgeable on the basics of dampers and dynos. Which now leads me to a lose in confidence as again, if you cannot take 2 seconds to pull a quick dyno plot from your several hundreds of dynos to answer two fairly simple questions, then how am I to have any faith in this suspension is as advertised??

As an engineer by trade and working in the industry for the past 10 years, if you do not know your basics, then there is no inherent reason for me to pursue this setup........

Unfortunately to me, this setup is no better than Megan, D2, KSport, etc.

Not trying to bash, but trying to have a subjective, unbiased and knowledgeable opinion. Maybe more manufacturers should take constructive criticism and use it wisely instead of crying about being "crushed" and not being accepted............
Last edited by Boostlee on 2014-10-02 at 03-10-54.
2014-10-02 03:07:54
We really are not trying to put you down just to put you down. Being underdog cars, we tend to love underdog companies too. It's just when big claims are made, we do need some proof.
2014-10-02 03:41:48
As said before… CALM DOWN!

I'll get the info over soon enough.
So for now, brand me with D2 and Megan… until I show prove otherwise it is fair enough.

I know we use a CNC piston in our GT1 coilovers, I know Megan and D2 doesn't.
I know we use the highest heat index oil available in our GT1 coilovers from Millers, I know Megan and D2 doesn't.
But until I provide prove otherwise just leave me in their group for the moment.…
I am not in a rush to get out right away as I am still preparing the required material.

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