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Thread: Brake master upgrade

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2014-04-27 17:48:55
I meant I drove it 2 miles, and I don't see how I contradicted myself when I used the word clearly, in italics that it DEPENDS

You don't NEED the NX MC for the NX upgrade but you NEED whatever MC upgrade for Wilwoods etc.
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2014-06-16 20:10:43
What Year Altima?
2014-06-17 02:38:40
For ad22, I would run atleast a nx master. The altima would be better even with just the ad22 and stock rear. I hate how the ad22 feels with stock ser mc.
2014-06-17 06:11:57
I'm running spec v brakes on a new but stock MC and my car stops on a dime. Moral of the story is get a 6spd and get big break then you win.
2014-06-17 11:58:15
Running wilwood 4 pots on a 15/16" mc I feel my pedal is too long still stop ok, but when stationary i can press the pedal down to the floor. so I will be upgrading to a 1" BM55 MC
2014-06-17 13:41:45
^^ sound like you have some air in your lines.
2014-06-17 16:55:19
i drive a jdm pulsar gti-r which came with a 15/16 factory mc, and a jdm nx set up stock 10" front 10" rear's
i've since upgraded to fastbrakes 11" kit with 4 pot wilwoods (with hp+ pads) and 11" rear discs off a spec v with a maxima pad carrier (with HPS pads).
i always found my pedal overly soft and a bit long no matter how much it was bled. i've since removed the abs unit (still on the abs prop valve) but also have upgraded to a 1" altima master.
The pedal is very firm, shorter pedal travel, and requires more brake effort which i like. i autox quite frequently and i don't have any issues with brake bias. i can induce lock up now earlier in the pedal travel and it also allows me better pedal feel for easier modulation. I couldn't induce lockup without nearing the very bottom of the pedal travel before on the 15/16 mc which also gave poor pedal feel and was difficult to modulate.

this is just my experience, and i am by no means a brake system expert
2014-06-18 07:31:08
Re: Brake master upgrade
Originally Posted by Keo
^^ sound like you have some air in your lines.

Nope, have pressure bled and back bled them.

Exactly the same as nickr has just described.

They still work well the pedal is just much longer.
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