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Thread: Suspension - Today's Options for a Road Course B13?

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2014-09-09 01:52:27
Fortune auto makes what seems like the best out of the box set of coils for our car they are the 510 series and they will custom valve them for you. I know the koni's are better but have to do a lot more work fit them and will cost a good bit more. I got spring rates around 750 front and 950 rear. I only have one race on them but the car felt good and was fairly competitive.
2015-04-20 02:10:27
Originally Posted by hammerin
Originally Posted by Fatboyse-r
Originally Posted by hammerin
Mark, what spring rates are you running?
Currently 300f/250r. I want to jump to 500 or 600 all the way around. Probably even higher in the rear.

Originally Posted by hammerin
If you didn't want to fab anything, there's also Fortune out of VA.
I found those last night and a couple people have had good things to say about them. I will look into it as an option.

I rode in Ray's B14 up at Pocono a few weeks back. He's running 1000f 1200r with custom valved Konis. It really handled well. And honestly it wasn't as harsh as you'd think it would be. He wasn't the least bit shy about whackin' the curbs and such. I think Greg Amy had similar spring rates on the old 33 NX.

I rode in the same cat at AMP at the 2013 Convention and was surprised as well how well the car road. Nothing like I expected for the spring rates also.
2015-04-20 02:29:44
I am wanting to go to stiffer springs on my B13.
This is my current setup. Car is a street car but only to and from events. Trying to make the car perform better for HPDE events. My goal for next year it to compete in the Ultimate Street Car Event in DFW in March of 2016.
325 Front 275 Rear
SpecV Koni yellows front with lowered spring perch and 10" spring - shortened
Maxima Koni yellow rears with Maxima housings - shortened.
Any suggestions? I was hoping to go to 500-600 but not sure what the Koni's will take.
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2015-04-20 18:15:46
street car or track car? if track car, imho the b15 yellows wont be enough.

I'd run Koni race 8611-1257(or 8610-1436) in the front and 8610-1437 in the rear. iirc they are good for 400-600lbs springs in stock form but can be re-valve to what ever you want.

as for housings I would get some old blown teins and gut it out to run these(currently waiting on my teins to blow to do the same but I need to drive the car first lol). the fronts fits in no problems but the rears will need some work.

some info of the set up can be found here

and i see someone with front housings for sale and cheap here
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