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Thread: Fastbrakes 11.75"/Superlite clearance

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2013-07-05 04:35:07
Fastbrakes 11.75"/Superlite clearance
Hello all

I am hearing conflicting reports of wheel fitment for these. I DO know of what fits, but I do have a question about 2 specific wheels

Does anyone know (for sure) if either below fit?? And no, I do not want to replace wheels, go 17", etc (although up to a 10mm spacer is acceptable, but no more)
1) Enkei RPF1s 16x8 +38
2) Kosei K1 16x7.5 +32

I took some measurements of the Kosei, and they seem to be 14" inner diameter (which the 11.75 setup requires just a little less). The RPF1s however, I have not measured yet and may be a different story...........

Thanks much!
2013-07-05 14:04:58
the fitment issues that people ran into where on 15" wheels.
2013-07-05 15:33:07
^^^ Ahahahahhaaaaa! The other forum had a, albeit rather small, list of 15" wheels which fit

Looking at it now, although RPF1s are great wheels, boy do they have a shitty design for clearing anything decent in terms of brakes.........
2013-07-05 19:17:43
I know the kosei's will clear for sure however i'm not too sure about the 16" RPF1's. I know 15" RPF1's barely clear AD22's so maybe 16" RPF1's MIGHT fit however don't take my word for it. If you can find a seller that would allow you to test fit the wheels, then that would be your best bet. If 16's clear, I might consider getting a set in the future.
2013-07-06 00:50:13
I measured the Koseis and they are right around 6.8 - 7" for inner rim radius/ around 13.6 - 14" for brake clearance (the most important diameter in regards to brakes)

I measured the Enkeis and they are right around 6.7 - 6.8" for inner rim radius/ around 13.4 - 13.6" for brake clearance (the most important diameter in regards to brakes)

According to measurements taken by a gentleman the centerline of the wheel/hub to the outer most portion of the caliper is 6 7/8 (6.875)ths inches to 7" / about 13.75 to 14"

According to wilwood, the outer most radius of the caliper measuring from the wheel/disk centerline using a 11.75" rotor will be 6.69" or 13.38" diameter

Now, who is right?? Either way it will be close and I MAY need a spacer!

Again, love the Enkei wheels as they are light, available in my bolt pattern and width and god damn they are strong! But what a shitty design!

Also, for reference, if you read MotoIQ, Stephan with the Uber fast DA integra recently upgraded from 11.75" wilwoods with dynalite calipers (which he stuffed under a 16x7 + 3x offset FNo1RC) to 12.2 inch wilwoods with the superlite caliper and he just manages to fit them under the 16x8 +38 RPF1s. However, what is not clear if is he running a spacer as it was not mentioned or clear in the pics (which is the million dollar question!)


We will see once the kit arrives, but I may need a spacer
2013-07-06 01:31:04
might want to give fastbrake a call also since they did make the kit. atleast we are almost 100% on the kosei fitting and you know you can sell the rpf1 fairly easy!
2013-07-06 14:16:06
Good point! I actually spoke to Mike K last night and he basically told me "I don't run those wheels, so call fastbrakes!" lol

Keeping my fingers crossed however as I would personally love to keep my set of RPF1s!

P.S The meeting JUST wrapped up a few minutes ago LOL!. I'll come by tomorrow Keo
2013-07-06 18:03:58
It's gonna be close lol! @Keo

Looks to be about 7" inner radius and right under ~14" (13.94") inner diamater!

May just need a small 5 mm spacer to clear if that much!

Fingers are DAMNED crossed!! LOL

P.S Couldn't find the damn tape measure, so refrain from commenting on my archaic method of measurement lol. It seemingly works well
2013-07-15 00:44:08
I know no one cares at this point since no one needs to run a set of 11.75"/Superlite kit on anything short of a race car.

Anyways: The questions have been answered. This kit fits BOTH under the 16x7.5 +32 Kosei and the RPF1 16x8 +38 with the nod to better clearance going to the Koseis

Also, there are a few things to note:

1) Brackets are aluminum and can strip easily (I never stripped one), so MAKE sure to use a torque wrench (which you will need on several occasions actually)

2) Do a common sense check on HOW you mount the rotor to the hat as the instruction manual does not tell you in detail. I got the kit with one rotor/hat combo mounted incorrectly (as well as not properly, in my eyes, saftey wired. NOT a fastbrakes issue, but previous owner who seemingly did not fully understand how this kit goes together) and without seeing the instructions, I knew they were wrong. I went ahead and placed them on anyways, and my suspicion was confirmed. Just think about how Rotors spin and how they vent heat away from the hub (think wheels bearings and other things which will warp/melt/fail rather quickly) and it will make complete sense. Also, it simply will not fit as the rotor now has modified effective offset and the caliper will not fit if mounted incorrectly

3) Properly safety wire the hat bolts and use 242 (or whatever) loctite! Also, properly torque these as again, the hub IS aluminum, so can easily be warped (torque wrench used again).

4) Make sure the caliper is properly centered on the rotor as you will have uneven brake wear, distribution and braking.

I LOVE this kit so far and I can get away with MUCH less aggressive pads as compared to the dynalites and still have better clamping force. Now, its NOT that the dynalites were bad, as once I upgraded to a proper compound, I could brake and have my eyeballs pop out. However, take note: You may have to start looking at both the rear brakes and better compound tires, as during initial bedding, it was very clear the brakes easily outpowered the street rubber and I had to be very careful as it will not take much to lock these up! I fully understand the pedal travel vs engagement point. But during the bedding process, be careful.

If anyone is interested in pics of fitment and how to safety wire the rotors, I will post them.

2013-07-15 01:38:54
We only care when it fits under 15" wheels.
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