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Thread: Popping sound when turning wheel, new suspension

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2013-03-18 15:11:21
Thats why i said help secure, not, to hold it in lol. If that was the case you better check to make sure you put the nut back on lol!

When reading up on changing a BJ back when i did my first one, i did come across some stories of ppl forgetting to remove those clips before trying to pound out the BJ and realized they do a lot more for securing then i originally thought. When you have trouble knocking them out, one of the first questions ppl ask is "did you take the C Clip out".
2013-03-18 15:21:32
LOL. I could totally see that happening. It's not something you would expect to find with a part pressed in as tight as ball joints are.
2013-03-18 15:34:01
Nissan designed the car to have the whole control arm replaced as a unit.

Aftermarket balljoints have a mixed history. Some people report they're too loose. I've used MOOG and "Perfect Circle" replacement balljoints with good results.
2013-03-30 00:05:00
Well, she's fixed!

I ordered all new supporting parts from Greg, and finally got them onto the car. The popping sound is gone, and she's not pulling one way or the other anymore when I turn, just snaps straight as an arrow. I love it!

What I changed:
New KYB Mount w/ bearing
New Mount Bracket
New Thrust Bearing (washer, whatever)
New top and bottom isolators
and I put my new dust boots on.

Only about $150 later, and she's handling like a new car. It's amazing. Thanks to everyone for your help!
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