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Thread: P11 Auto-X Setup help

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2014-02-11 12:40:38
Sorry. Should have included in connecting to the end points like Kojima as well (sorry, sounded vague)

Thanks for pointing that out.
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2014-02-11 15:17:28
The more I think about it now, I think the only advantage to kojima's setup is the you are able to have the mounting point on the beam closer to the wheels. Which allows the sway bar to be more effective. I did feel a good difference when I moved the poly mounts closer to the bends with the same chassis mount setup I have. If I had to do it over again I would do it like Kojima, get better ground clearance as well.
2014-02-11 17:14:02
Here we go, cant wait. gots the butterflies already lol.
2014-02-27 22:41:52
That event got cancelled. Not enough Racers showed up. sucks being on a small island.
I also created a quick video of the build, posted in my build tread but just wanted it here for the peeps in the suspension side.
2014-02-27 23:20:56
Subscribed so I can finish reading this thread.
2014-03-20 14:28:05
So my shortened uca started making noise about 3 months ago and when I checked them about 2 weeks ago(while raising the height of the car) they had a good lot of movement in the busing/bearing.

I still had a set of ebay uca that did not get much mileage so I decided to do a version 2 of my shortened uca, but this time I use a "jig" to make sure the two where the same length. not that the others were not, but one was more difficult to install than the other, it might have not been welded on straight and had a slight angle to it.

I took my time with the welding and actually got them finished a lot faster than before, Did not have to over with a grinder to clean up shit welds.
You can see the "jig" under the control arms, those tabs are where the front of the uca bolt to.

Shows the quality of these cheap arms, was sent two different manufacture arms, one has a hole on the bottom, the other doesn't, also had to grind one of them to fit.

I thought of throwing this pic on here to reference the height of the LCA brace.
2014-03-25 20:08:56
painted and installed.
Glad I did this, the old arms were dead, the left one was worse, it was because when I welded it, it was not so straight so It may have be putting more force to one side. The new ones feel real good, they did end up being almost the same length so alignment was not a big issue, I got a bit more toe out because the car is darty. I will dial this in a bit more later this week, but feels solid now. clunking and other associated noises are gone.

I am hoping this does not get canceled:
2014-04-08 15:49:40
March event saw few ppl show up to race but we went anyway and setup a "fast" layout. did get up to 50+ mph and average maybe 30-35mph.
Also wanted to post these two pics to show the difference with the front spring rates.
Front tein SS coilover springs: 400lbs? 7k?

With 600lbs eibach: This was actually a faster entry speed if I remember as well while braking for the left turn.

not really the same camera angle but it looks to have similar tire deflection and wheel turning angle. A very good difference. cant wait to install a panhard bar!
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2014-04-09 01:02:31
Actually, with the first pic, the tire deflection looks to be a bit more, but ever so slightly
2014-04-09 13:32:45
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Actually, with the first pic, the tire deflection looks to be a bit more, but ever so slightly

I forgot to add that I did not have the shortened controls arms as well in the first pic. So -camber doing its job well.
This last event was a good learning event for me as a went for a ride in one of the competitive cars with the r comps. This opened my eyes with the amount of grip from that s**t, omg. It also made me push my car a lot harder at the end and the prrof was in the tire wear, it was slightly feathering which has never really happened before. braking later, faster through the chicanes.

Plus, I just did this last night:

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