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Thread: ABS Master Cylinder

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2012-10-05 20:14:47
ABS Master Cylinder
Please excuse my ignorance. I would like to upgrade to an Altima master cylinder to compliment my fastbrakes setup. My b13 ser is an original ABS car. Will the Altima ABS master cylinder be a bolt up affair or will I need custom lines.
2012-10-06 12:01:41
Found this quote from Greg V on the old forum "If you don't have ABS, then w/o ABS. If you do have ABS, then w/ABS, but the lines will have to be "massaged" to line up. " I wonder just how much massaging is required?
2012-10-09 05:19:11
It's usually a little bend or wiggle. Figure that the ports are going to be a little out of place from the B13. The big difference is the number of ports. ABS has 4, nonABS only has 2.
2012-10-09 10:47:34
normally ABS has 2, and non ABS has 4?

also I think Greg is meaning if you have ABS then buy an ABS m/c and if you don't, buy a non ABS m/c, not that they are interchangeable.

2012-10-09 20:36:49
Originally Posted by happyharrysco1
normally ABS has 2, and non ABS has 4?

Correct, I had it backwards. That's what I get for not going and looking at the cars!
2012-10-09 22:10:31
Thanks, for the knowledge. Blair, and Happy
2012-10-15 04:46:59
I have ABS on my 92 SE-R and upgraded to an Altima MC.
I bent the brake lines by hand, but bent a piece of coat hanger first to use as a pattern.

You want to remember the ABS proportioning valve is on the firewall so your brake bias will not change with the Altima MC.

I ended up using a NX2000 ABS proportioning valve to get the brake bias I wanted. (I'm using NX2K front brakes and Maxima rears)
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