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Thread: WRX Coilovers B13 - Hear me out

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2012-08-20 20:55:17
I am fully aware that racelands are probably not as good as several other coilover options.

Look, track coils are track coils. But you also have to know how to set them up properly and do so often in order to get what you paid for out of them.

My car, as much as we all say because racecar, is not a race car. This is my daily. Back roads, pot holes, constant highway construction, etc. I'll admit I do not fully understand the dynamics of properly setting up a track suspension in order to shave off a few tenths of a second. So my "track" coils that perform super well on tracks would be basically the equivalent of Racelends in my hands. Oh, the dampening can be adjusted so my gf doesnt whine on back roads. She's a tough girl and can handle it.

These two combined, along with the fact that I dont like driving a monster truck stanced sentra around, also with the fact that my current suspension SUCKS and then that I'd be throwing 500 or more at decent shocks/struts for my daily, and I've concluded that I would rather drill my strut towers to accept "Cheap" coilovers rather then continue to bottom out my kyb's on ever bump i hit.

I get stiff spring rates, adjustable preload, as well as ride height, pillow ball upper mounts and camber plates. Just about every option besides fine tuning my dampening. Maybe the springs and dampers arent tuned to my vehicle weight specifically, but come on. How many of you adjust your dampers everytime the temperature changes, or to reflect the number of passangers or cargo you have in your car?

Please don't assume I expect my 460 dollar coilovers to perform on a level similar to 1200 coils that are installed and set up with corner scales and a million other angle finders etc. so if you're going to hate on racelands because they aren't engineered to the same level, don't. We're all fully aware.

Edit: To kyle, I've looked into coilovers alot, and even found a few brands i've never heard of but like just about every set i've found, that BC set is twice what the Raceland kit is. Call me cheap, but again, this is not a race car. I'm not looking for every ounce of performance out of her.
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2012-08-20 20:57:42
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
- You guys that rock coilovers on a B13 for a true daily driver are hardcore. I have my AGX/Hypeco combo set on FRONT 1 and REAR 4 and that is more than enough for me. I know people knock Ksports, but if they are setup right, they perform very well. How long they last? That is another topic, but they will perform. I've been in a DE B13 on the track with them setup right and the car was impressive. At any rate, this is interesting and we look forward to your results.

The Fortune Auto's on my friends S14 don't feel like coilovers at all and he is running the standard springs not the swifts. I got the same for my S14 but got the swift springs can't wait. If I can't sell my NX to get a P10 I'll will prob get some Fortunes for it or get the D2's on it rebuilt and upgraded.
2012-08-20 21:07:24
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
So D2's suck for daily driving unless you live on a race track. Race lands are cheaper by far and I doubt they are any better.

You're right, By decent ride I meant better then what i have now. Ebay ground controls, no perches, on kyb gr-2s. I got the car with them on the perches as low as they could go. It didnt ride too bad. only bottomed out on extreme bumps - stiff as hell springs. I got new gr-2s because it got super bouncy fast. But the new gr2s have a larger bump stop plate on the shock body and the perches didnt fit over it. So I've been driving like this for a month or so now saving up for coilovers. I could ride on 12k/10k springs and it'd ride better then it does now.

I've driven and riden in several cars with several different suspension setups and have decided that Racelands off a decent price, okay ride, and in this case the options i care most about.
2012-08-20 21:18:40
Is your car hella flush with those ground controls on it? No gap in the wheel wells.
2012-08-20 21:19:27
When you get great coilovers, then you see the time and money wasted.
2012-08-20 22:24:48
def look into it man wont hurt to have more options. I appreciate the thinking out of the box mentality instead of following the crowd
2012-08-20 23:34:11
There is usually a reason a coil over is made for a specific car. There are lots of factors other than do they fit. Honestly if you just want to lower your car and dont care about the ride get some GR2s and ebay coilovers. In the end they will give you exactly the same outcome, and it would be a lot cheaper.

if you want a suspension that is worth putting on your car then do some proper research. I bet i could piece something together that would out perform this "custom" coil overs you are making work for the same price.
2012-08-21 00:16:11
what bout the valving and spring rates? Its for a wrx which is awd and weights more.
2012-08-21 00:26:11
Can you tell me why ground controls with shortened Koni's wouldn't work for you? Use Ground Control camber plates as well for extra travel when dropped that low and that suspension would be great. Just cost would be about 1500 for everything all said and done.

2012-08-21 00:37:45
No offense to anyone I appreciate that there is amazing stuff like that on the market. But I believe he is coming from the same back ground as me in that I only paid $1500 for the car and really don't have the money for that set up. I got the AGX/RM for around $500 plus shipping and I had to make payments on that. I'm broke but I don't complain about it. Just nice to have more options and for us ballin' on a tight budget.
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