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Thread: KYB AGX install write-up?

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2012-08-08 01:24:21
KYB AGX install write-up?
I went to a shop today that quoted me $500 for LABOR alone for this install. Not happening. I'm doing it myself.

However, I have searched, and searched, and searched, but can't seem to find a detailed write-up of a KYB AGX install for the b13. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance...
2012-08-08 01:27:46
Setting would be a preference and install will be standard
2012-08-08 01:29:38
All you really need is to buy or rent a spring compressor and everything else is very straight forward and universal. By universal I mean online videos of how to replace springs for other cars should apply.
2012-08-08 01:34:18
I think there is a write-up in the Factory Service Manual for removal and installation of factory shock and spring setup.
2012-08-08 02:25:09
I will rent a spring compressor, and i have an FSM. Never done any suspension work, so I figured i'd ask. Thanks guys!
2012-08-08 03:29:36
do one side at a time so you can reference the other side for questions you might have
2012-08-08 04:59:40
theres no write up because a child could figure it out

nah but seriously its fairly easy an like morgana said, do one at a time.
2012-08-08 13:20:03
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
theres no write up because a child could figure it out

nah but seriously its fairly easy an like morgana said, do one at a time.

Case in point. I have zero mechanical ability, experience or background. About to do my first-ever oil-change, bought a proper jack yesterday at Harbor Freight.

I helped a friend of mine switch out my stock struts and springs for AGX/Hyperco several years ago. It was so incredibly easy and straightforward that I know I could do the entire job myself.
2012-08-08 14:40:47
Uhh, just a heads up, do you by chance own a impact wrench cordless or air compressor type? You will find it pretty valuable when doing this for the nut on the top, unless you are replacing the entire setup. Then again you would only even need the spring compressor tool if you are taking your springs off.

By chance what springs are you running? If you have not purchased them get Road Magnets. I have seen the damage that H&R, Eibach, Sprint, etc... will do to your new $500 struts and it's not worth it. You may get lower to the ground, but your struts are going to suffer the consequence. give the suspension thread a read for your options in suspension.

Also you will notice there are a couple different spring compressor tools out there. If you want something easy to use get the single compression tool and not the one that you have 2 tools and tighten each side a bit at a time. Also you can take your struts to a shop and they will often swap everything out for you and then you can install on the car. The shop is adding time to figure out how to take out the rears and or time to take your seat out.

All said and done if that $500 includes an alignment I would rethink the price. Either way you are going to need an alignment after lowering a car anyway.

If you are a go getter go ahead and do it yourself, but be aware swapping struts is not as brainless as some may make it seem. Sometimes there are issues which you will need to know how to fix.
2012-08-08 16:57:05
Even though you do one side at a time, jack up (and support with stands) the entire end of the car (front or rear) that you are working on. That way, you are not fighting the sway bar.
A lot of shops will charge a premium for doing non-standard work. Some will also charge more if you bring the parts because they don't get the profit from the parts sales. Or, maybe their flat rate charge is higher than other shops.
A Haynes Manual will also have good pictures.
The biggest danger is having the spring compressor slip off the spring while it is compressed which could cause the spring to turn into a missle.
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