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Thread: Photos of Fuzzy's B14 X-Brace

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2012-06-10 22:34:53
Photos of Fuzzy's B14 X-Brace
So Here are photos of my custom B14 X-brace for behind the seat. As i stated They are no drill install. Will be using stock bolt locations. Seat MIGHT be pushed out alil not sure till its all welded up and bolted in.

Will be AROUND 5 pounds once I get it welded up. I'll have it weighted once its done.

Pipe is notched out so other pipe can fit down inside the other so it dont sit out far

Pipe is thick along with the bracket ends

I'll post pixs once welded up and primed/ powder coated.

What each bar looks like.

This is just the beginning of my custom parts, I plan to make my own harness bar, front and rear strut tower bars, fender braces, a custom turbo manifold, aftermarket steering wheel cruise control button adaption plate and more.

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2012-06-10 22:57:19
Great to see you supporting the B14 chassis.... B13 get all the love with aftermarket parts..... I would have loved to have one of these if the car was still with me. Now you need design a nice piece made for the front end and it's a wrap.
2012-06-10 23:01:46
LoL thanks man, yea I noticed that the B13 has a ton of stuff, don't know why the B14 don't see much attention....

2012-06-10 23:08:50
Originally Posted by fuzzy
LoL thanks man, yea I noticed that the B13 has a ton of stuff, don't know why the B14 don't see much attention....


Me Either.......
2012-06-10 23:55:27
It will be very sturdy when welded up. I'm actually excited to get this done. If I can find someone with a B13 local that I can use to mock up in I'd make em for it as well, made the same way of course. I'm actually talking to a powder coating shop to get multiple parts done on a discount so for alil extra cash braces can be powder coated or be sent in regular primer.

2012-06-11 00:02:31
Nice work so far.

What are you using as the holes for mount points on the chassis? I don't have a B14 or I'd go yank the rear seats and look.
2012-06-11 00:26:53
These are the bolt locations.

The bracket the holds up the back seat. (Reason I said it might push out the back seat alil)

Also the bottom bolts (one right under my power wire) Bracket is design to slop down to fit the body.

bottom bracket (still needs alil adjustment to fit perfect)

yes i have ugly hands lol

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2012-06-11 00:33:38
Very nice. I am currently running 1/2 of the stephen X-brace right now (due to misunderstanding with the seller) but I would really like to run a Full X. Although I am only running half of brace, I noticed the rear was a little stiffer (3-wheeling up driveways more than before). How much are you going to be selling this X-Brace for? along with the Harness Bar?
2012-06-11 00:57:38
I'm thinking around 100$ for the xbrace, the pipe and metal to make the brackets alone was $45.

The harness bar, I need to find the perfect pipe for it. I already have the design made and I already found all the other parts for it and a shop willing to bend the pipes for a small fee. Once I find the pipe get all the materials and build the prototype ill figure out a price from there. for an extra fee I will put a camera mount on it. Will mount up to the seat belt bracket location and the traction bars will bolt into the center console location where the seat bolts to.

Everything will be bolted in my car to make sure it fitz properly and will bolt into oem locations.

For the x-brace you'll still have to cut the interior plastics.

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2012-06-11 02:17:29
Two questions... One depending on the other. Do you think that your x brace is lighter than that black metal piece around the pass through hole and do you think it would be safe and/or structurally sound to remove the oem brace with this brace in place.
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