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Thread: ksport 16" brakes wtf ??

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2012-04-16 03:47:15
ksport 16" brakes wtf ??
Ok I've been looking at a complete makeover on my brakes so I scanned ebay and stumbled across these ....
91-94 Nissan Sentra B13 16" Ksport Rear Big Brake Kit | eBay

Is the a joke ? 16" rear brakes on a b13 ?? ...ok !

But serious anyone on here running ksport brakes chime in . The fronts look decent but yet cost more then the 11" willwoods .
My current set up is front : ad22 fronts on ebc red pads and fast brakes 11.8 maxima slotted and dimpled rotors and goodrich ss lines . Rears: stock rotors with axis metal master and goodrich ss lines . Altima 15/16 se m/c . I slight bit too much front brake bias and want to even it out with maybe p10 set up out back and willwoods or ksport 11" up fornt .
2012-04-16 04:25:45
After seeing 2 sets of K-sport coilovers fail prematurely on 2 different B14s I would never run Ksports for brakes. They have great customer service though, so maybe they'll replace the brakes for free after they fail and you slam into a wall.

Also, 16" rear brakes on a B13? Lol Damn.
2012-04-16 04:35:13
Thats what i said ^ . Ive seen smaller brake on the front of JGTC cars . I had bad luck on ksport coilovers as i blew out both front struts with in 4k miles . Just seeing if anyone on here os running the front brakes .
2012-04-16 05:10:41
My good friend had the Ksport brakes on his Solstice Turbo. Not sure if it was the 16" ones. I thought for sure he would wreck with them lol but he said they never failed him. He was beating the crap out of his car on the weekends never had a problem with them. I still duno if I trust them.
2012-04-16 05:21:15
Ive been searching the web for the past hour and it seems more favored for street use but not too good on the track . One case inpoint a guy claimed after few laps the rotors had over 1mm of run out and heat spots . But these were on much heavier cars then a b13. I'm still leaning towards the willwoods.
2012-04-16 05:27:24
I think I would rock the willwoods.
2012-04-16 05:52:14
Requires 20" wheels! Holy shit, baller status.
2012-04-16 13:01:55
Originally Posted by tsuruser

Is the a joke ? 16" rear brakes on a b13 ?? ...ok ! .

Originally Posted by Ebay
Price: US $3,417.00


1. 8 Piston Aluminum calipers
2. D.O.T. Compliant Stainless steel brake lines
3. Machined aluminum hats
4. Carbon steel brackets
5. 400mm (16") large ventilated discs (20" wheels required)

Yes. That is a joke. A bad one.

Completely stupid engineering. So damn dumb as to be unbelievable.

I don't think K-Sport actually tested or engineered shit. Not a damn thing.

Who in the fuck would race one of these vehicles on 20" rims? Who the fuck would ever conceive of brakes that required a 20" rim on a B13?

Reminds me of spring companies whose "performance springs" drop the vehicle 2" all the way around on a B13. ZERO engineering, testing or development on the actual vehicle.

KSport also offers their 16" Big Stupid Brake Kit for the front of the vehicle. Another $3,500.00 and of course 20" rims required. Really, they should have an 18" or larger front brake kit to mate up with their 16" rear brakes in order to keep some sort of correct bias. You'd just need to run 24" front rims. No problems.

I would NEVER buy the K-sports brakes for that reason alone. They pulled those brake specifications right out of their ass.

You seem to have a pretty stout set-up to begin with, have you looked into a proportioning valve to get the brakes a little more front biased?
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-04-16 at 14-14-05.
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