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Thread: ADV22 Brake Question?

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2012-01-20 16:09:16
ADV22 Brake Question?
I recently went to the salvage yard and got the brake's off a 92 NX2000, front calipers and rotors, rear calipers, as well as the M/C all from the same car. The only problem is that the M/C is for ABS car. My question is, will the brake bias change if i use the M/C from the B13 SE-R? I know that the ABS version NX has the bigger REAR rotors, so will the SE-R M/C work if the brake proportions are equal: bigger fronts and bigger rears
2012-01-21 03:30:30
There's a brake thread with alot of this info. All B13s (sentra, and NX) with rear disk use the same 234mm rotors ABS, or not. MC bore is also the same on each car(3/4 for sentra, 7/8 for NX ABS or not), but ABS MC will be missing the prop valves. Bias won't change much. The AD22s are a little bigger than the AD18s (257 vs 250). You will see a little more stopping power up front, and the pedal will drop more to push that little more volume of fluid needed to fill the AD22 pistons. You'd be best off to grab an altima MC, and some max rears. Simple, easy, available.
2012-01-21 04:00:37
Yea I've read thru most of them and i see that doing the Max rears is easy and available, but why dont peps use the whole brake system if available like what i found. I took all the brake components off the same 92 NX2000 w/ ABS.
2012-01-21 04:35:00
The parts books are incorrect, they never came with the big rear brakes in the US.

2012-01-21 05:37:02
Ok.....then i shouldnt have any problems using jus the front NX calipers and rotors with stock SE-R rear brake then. The US NX rears are the same as the US SE-R rears according to the part numbers on the calipers. So will the JDM NX rotors fit under the stock SE-R rear calipers?
2012-01-21 12:42:08
Originally Posted by btsr22det
So will the JDM NX rotors fit under the stock SE-R rear calipers?

Yes, all the rear rotors (SE-R and NX2000/ABS and non-ABS) should be the same.
2012-01-21 14:51:52
^^^No, actually not. USDM is setup for 234mm. JDM, and EDM is 258mm. None of our USDM cars came with big rear brakes, but they sell the rotors here. You just need to specify 258mm, and they already have the 4x100 bolt pattern. No redrilling needed. So,all you need after the rotors is a set of 89-99 maxima calipers, and torque members (the bracket that holds the caliper to the hub). You could also use P10 calipers. If you want to keep the stock rear setup, then you'll need the same 234mm USDM rear rotors. They are the only one that will fit under the stock USDM rear setup. You can just put the NX fronts on without doing anything else. It's only suggested to at least use the NX master cyl. since it really only helps. The ABS version will not work on your non ABS car though.
2012-01-21 14:58:30
When buying the Maxima or P10 rear calipers, you need to make sure you get the parking brake cable bracket as well.

2012-01-21 15:02:52
Tswii...........thanks for clarifing. Which M/C do i get for the Maxima setup? 95-98 Altima with ABS or w/o ABS
2012-01-21 15:05:59
ABS masters have 2 ports, non-ABS have 4. So if your car has ABS, you need an ABS one, etc.

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