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Thread: my suspension!!

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2012-01-05 06:26:36
Anyways ima disagree like wingman say and move on. Say whatever you guys want, I'm just going to continue my suspension mods.
2012-01-05 06:28:59
just do me one favor an make sure you do your best to make them control arms as safe as possible.
2012-01-05 06:31:21
btw today i started to tear down the front suspension. Got most the the parts such as front struts, outter tie rod, driver axle since my drive cv boot is fk, spindle, control arms out, but except the inner tie rod which i will be working on that tomorrow.

here some pics

passenger side

driver side

btw how do i get this thing out? when i took my axle out that thing was stuck in there but my axle pop right out. do i just pull it out?
^ Gee idk.... Maybe the above picture & question about how to get this "thing" out may lead others to believe that you don't know what you are doing. When pulling an axle out, on almost every Japanese vehicle besides a Subaru it is done the same way. If you did it wrong, which it is painfully obvious that you did, that happens. It is ok to not know everything that you are doing, no one expects that you do. It is ok to ask questions, in fact, it is preferred as long as it is a question that can not be easily answered with a 2 second search. I enjoy helping newbs most of the time. The issue is when your ego gets in your way of knowing when to ask for help. You may know how to weld if you took a class so you may end up ok I guess but it is experience that is the most important when dealing with cars. If you don't know how to remove an axle correctly then why would anyone assume that you know anything about suspension, let alone be highly modifying your control arms? It just seems as if you are one of the people who reads things and it makes sense to you so you assume it is easy. Doing things and understanding them are 2 completely different things. I wish you the best of luck but please know when you have the chance to hurt more than just your ego and don't put anyone in harms way because you know it all. I really hope you prove me and everyone wrong and do everything nice and safe, while achieving the look you want. It isn't my style but it isn't my car either. Aesthetics are a personal taste sort of thing that will vary between everyone on the planet. However, safety is just that, either it is safe or it is not. Please just make sure you know when to ask for help, that's all I ask.
2012-01-05 06:48:13
Originally Posted by tswii
Make sure you get one with a balancer. Mine both came from Napa. One with, and one without. Vibrations are an annoyance.

Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
this thread is fucking clown shoes.

if your going to slam your GA powered sentra dont do a sr swap, let alone a ve swap.

if you want to ride low, so be it.

Rotflmao. Real talk buddy just take some extra time and make sure that stuff is safe. Check your geometry. I've been out of control at high speed and by the grace of God nothing was screwed accept the car. Good luck with your build but keep it safe. Last thing, I wrecked into a cow field you being in cali might not be so lucky.
2012-01-05 06:56:23
Originally Posted by hmong_b13
that guy just can't come to my thread and bashing on me. Imagine if i come to your thread saying that your ricing your car and you don't know what your doing you will be the same position as i am.

Actually, yes he can come to this thread and state his opinion. You opened this thread, but once you do that, everyone can, and will, voice their opinions. Some of which you may not agree with. Get over it youngster, that is the nature of internet forums.
2012-01-05 07:08:09
Thanks guys!

Also about the axle, everytime i changed an axle the hole axle pop right out so i got kind of confuse when it just pop right out while that piece wash stuck in there.

On the other hand yes Ill extend them properly and reinforce the shit out of it.
2012-01-05 07:08:37
2012-01-05 09:06:12
For ur stuck axle try wraping a chain around it and yank it out also what lip is that looks like a ek civic lip
2012-01-05 16:18:19
Thanks Bro but i got it out like last week already and yes its a ek type r replica lip. I'm going to switch it to an s13 lip soon.
2012-01-05 17:08:32
Originally Posted by Shawn
Actually, yes he can come to this thread and state his opinion. You opened this thread, but once you do that, everyone can, and will, voice their opinions. Some of which you may not agree with. Get over it youngster, that is the nature of internet forums.

That’s the thing though Shawn, its mostly opinions. People like lynchfourtwenty aren’t posting experimented facts, but simply regurgitating what they have read. In fact I’ll bet everything he has learned (based on his build thread) came from someone else experimenting first, and knowing this forum those things probably came against some resistance originally as well.

I agree with what you said, but it’s also a two sided sword. This is also the main reason people who do the extreme stuff don’t post, because then it turns into a 'that will never work' debate with people who never try anything new.

The picture I posted in the "calling B13s that are low" thread of the B13 racecar, has a completely wacky suspension setup. In fact when they talked to people like Mike K, they even remarked 'oh, we never thought of that'.

I’m all for providing information e.g. the Suspension thread, but people shouldn’t be so quick to over analyze, dissect and judge pre-maturely.

My $0.02
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