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Thread: my suspension!!

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2011-12-27 05:25:54
my suspension!!
ok so here we go, i told some members in the "calling B13s that are low" thread that by the end of january, i will get my suspension done correctly and i will stand up what i said. so today i decided to start what i told them in that thread.

I ordered my s13 megan racing inner and outer tie rod today for my b13 since they share the same inner and outer tie rod as b13 but i won't get them till next month since the seller is on vacation till the january 2nd but i got a deal so ill wait and tomorrow i'll be calling vexmotorsports tomorrow to see how much the megan racing coilovers cost pick up since they are like an hour away and if its price is higher than sonicmotor then im going to get it from sonicmotor since i have a deal on them shipped !!!On the other hand i ask russell for pic and info on how to extended the front control arms so ill be waiting for his pic.

btw today i started to tear down the front suspension. Got most the the parts such as front struts, outter tie rod, driver axle since my drive cv boot is fk, spindle, control arms out, but except the inner tie rod which i will be working on that tomorrow.

here some pics

passenger side

driver side

btw how do i get this thing out? when i took my axle out that thing was stuck in there but my axle pop right out. do i just pull it out?
2011-12-27 21:26:30
ordered my inner and outer tie rod today and also my megan coilovers. should get them in a week or 2.
2011-12-27 22:14:32
From the looks of it you had all the bearings in the inner cv joint pop out when you pulled the axle I would assume. If so you need a long pry bar to get the rest out and you will need a new axle or to rebuild that one.
2011-12-27 22:32:26
yes all the bearing in the inner cv joint just slip out when my struts and tie rod were out so im guessing i need a new driver axle? but how much does it cost to rebuild?
2011-12-27 22:35:11
Your best bet would be to get an already rebuilt or new aftermarket axle for 50-60 bucks. Not sure what brands are available where you live but empi is a good brand but maybe be closer to 70-80 bucks but is worth it if you can get it. An oe Nissan used axle is a better choice than some aftermarket brands.
2011-12-27 22:41:36
here the joint with new boot
2011-12-27 22:43:28
is autozone axle good? i can get them for $60 and $10 core?
2011-12-27 22:53:41
just go w napa ones they're better
2011-12-27 23:00:50
oh ok thanks guys!! new axle in the list.
2011-12-28 00:29:04
I'd buy reman axles or get hose rebuilt. New axles MOST of te time are not balanced. I worked at NAPA and defected out a few sets of new axles, they all vibrated. Got my old ones rebuilt, problem solved.
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