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Thread: Aluminum vs. Steel lugnuts

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2014-12-24 05:07:18
Blox SCM435 Chromoly Lug Nut Set | BXAC-00109
2014-12-24 05:08:29
steel- alloy ones are defect in aus at least
long- so rattle guns wont contact the rims
not coloured- so rattle guns and brake fluid wont scratch them/ mark them back to crome finish.
my 2c.
2014-12-24 11:13:17
From The Suspension Thread, under Wheels And Tires there is this link:


Which I am going to re-read. Then I'll post after refreshing my brain.
2014-12-24 14:57:19
I've used Muteki SR40 and SR48 nuts for years and no issues. Never use their socket with an impact as will fracture the socket in no time. Recently I have been stepping up to higher end nuts. Nismo 7-sided black nuts for the Z and Project Kics 7-sided blue nuts for the Sentra. I went 7-sided for added security feature.
2014-12-24 17:11:04
just fyi, the thinwall spline socket that came with my steel nuts decided to break under minimal torque. just be aware that the tools they come with may be sub par even if the nuts are solid.
2014-12-24 18:37:06
Re-read that thread, looks like I bought my black Muteki SR48's in April of 2011.

I re-checked them yesterday, showing some signs of rust and have faded a bit. Aside from putting them on myself with a torque wrench, they have not been removed and my car sits indoors in my shop six days out of seven.

I'm a bit disappointed in that.
2014-12-24 18:51:15
The sr40 & sr48 are good options for open ended use http://www.evasivemotorsports.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=SR48-LOCK-BLK

Originally Posted by eggman
bumping this thread because I need to get some open ended lugs soon.
They need to be tuner style due to clearance around the nuts being tight.It will need a thinwall spline type socket most likely.
Still looking for some input from anyone else who cares to comment
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2014-12-25 21:54:37
i use 7075 aluminum lugs.. but i replace every 2 years. i consider them a wear item
2014-12-25 23:46:45
$195.00 and I think I have found my titanium lug nuts.


They also come in 7-sided for $256.00

Will these work with B14 rims? Or only aftermarket rims? I cannot quite figure that out. :???:

Strong, light, no rust.
Last edited by Shawn B on 2014-12-25 at 23-50-07.
2014-12-26 01:54:20
Those would work for you and I would grab the 7 sided if cost not an issue. You know you will end up with some pimp daddy wheels at some point @Shawn B

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