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Thread: Calling B13s that are LOW...

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2011-05-25 02:45:17
OMG Im gonna be reading all night long! Thanks shawn.
I hate how slow that site is. Thats why I choose this site most of the time.
2011-05-25 02:48:27
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2011-05-25 02:53:39
Originally Posted by dphillipsB13
OMG Im gonna be reading all night long! Thanks shawn.
I hate how slow that site is. Thats why I choose this site most of the time.

You're welcome. Just search for threads by choaderboy2.

You can also find Mike and a real smart crew over at MotoIQ.

I don't include stuff like that in The Suspension Thread. It is way beyond most folks abilities to grasp, let alone duplicate. And if someone is that smart and suspension competent, they don't need The Suspension Thread. Instead, I quote them in The Suspension Thread.
2011-05-25 03:17:07
Haven't seen a low car yet.
2011-05-25 03:48:35
Originally Posted by dphillipsB13
^ what size are your wheels? Thats really the only way to tell, by fender to rim clearance.

15x7 i believe
2011-05-25 04:25:48
i like this thread, its well known that with springs we cant go any lower than 1.5 inches "safely" but with coilovers and proper re-engineering it most certainly can be done. its a pitty white line doesnt make any drop in roll center adjusting ball joints like they do for nearly every other car.

Originally Posted by nieves354

I STILL GOT TO LOWER IT MORE FROM THE FRONThttp://www.sr20-forum.com/images/smilies/eek.gif

...hehehe.......what kind of springs ya runnin boss? dont take offence to this, but i cant imagine your running coilovers, im guessing sport lines?
2011-05-25 05:14:27
Originally Posted by dphillipsB13

Im on progress coilovers, I have lowered the front now to where i want it since I have just put my b14s on. I have seen several other b13 this low if not even lower. But as my car sits right now, if the steering wheel is anythjing but straight, the axles or maybe bearings make a TON of noise.

What am I doing wrong? The pics you see is exactly how I want it to sit. I just cant drive it like that though.
I have not got it aligned yet. Its slow today at work maybe ill do it if I get a chance. But i really dont think an alignment will fix the problem. Since when I lowered it, I did an "eyeball" alignment. So its not too far off.


"You did an eyeball alignment" but you don't think an alignment will fix your cock-eyed steering wheel? I am sorry if your feelings are hurt but you need to be schooled on what an alignment is/does.

Aside from that it looks like you know what the answers to your own questions are roughly. You know what is wrong, you are saying your car is "right where you want it to sit", but you just "can't drive it like that".

My advice get some camber plates and recheck your ride height at each corner with a full tank of gas, let the car settle recheck get your car aligned... by a pro not NTB or some place like that (they suck). Find some race shop that deals with aligning race cars and ask lots of questions. This is after you get your wheel bearing replaced (if that is what is making noise). And try and buy the bearings in bulk because chances are you will be changing them all the time.

If you really are dedicated to the hard parked look, pick up some race car suspension engineering books, or just get some fender flares and wider wheels/tires and make the car's fenders lower. Or just fix the ride height and start enjoying the how great it feels to have a nice handling car
2011-05-25 05:20:06

2011-05-25 05:49:30
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2011-05-25 06:18:34
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