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Thread: moog ball joints leaking? couple questions

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2010-10-19 05:40:02
moog ball joints leaking? couple questions
so i bought some suspension peices off Tricked for a good deal that i really needed

i got lightly used low mile control arms with es bushings and moog ball joints that looked to be in great cond.

when i went to pick them up he showed me the control arms and how the moogs are regreasable. I noticed when he refilled them for me while i was there, i noticed the boot wouldnt seat of the bottom part of the ball joint and grease was coming out the top n bottom but he said once there on the car, the boot on the bottom should seal. He filled them up pretty good when i picked them up. I installed them on the car and car feels great but i noticed grease still lightly oozing out of the top n bottom of the ball joint? is this normal? is the top n bottom meant to be sealed tight when they are new or are they like that. I know most ball joints are seal so no grease comes out and so dirt doesnt get in. It didnt seem right but idk. I was thinking he might have overfilled them and there just slowly leaking out till it relives some of the grease. Also the boots arnt ripped or anything. Its just out of the top n bottom of the ball joint that the grease is coming out

any advice out be nice

2010-10-19 11:38:18
I know exactly what you are talking about. When you order a Moog ball joint the rubber boot is not attached to the ball joint. They usually don't stay on properly after you press them down. I usually just try to glue the bottom on with some jb weld or something similar. If you keep it regularly greased you will not have any problems with it for a long long time.
2010-10-23 14:56:32
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