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Thread: Slicks vs. DR decision

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2010-10-03 08:04:46
thanks, i'll keep an eye out for prothane inserts for sale in the classifields, found them online for $69. i still think i'm gonna let my mechanic do it, its getting cold here in the mountains(no garage) and he works for cheap and does good work.

i'm gonna get it done in a month or two and when i return to the track this spring i'll bring this thread back and post my results, maybe even a before and after video for everyone who is in the same boat?

btw thanks for the input.
i guess i wont be needing the NX wheels.
2010-10-03 10:58:59
Originally Posted by tilson
yes it's still the stock mounts. and a previous owner swapped in the highport, im guessing he blew up the lowport motor. i'm gonna have to pay someone else to swap the mounts if i do that, i dont have the tools(nor garage) to do that. i'll consider it though.

thanks for the input viprdude!

get solid mounts and a good suspension, it will go a lot farther than tires. That said, slicks are the shit.
2010-10-03 16:48:57
Prothane Motion Control 14-1901 - Prothane Motor Mounts - Overview - SummitRacing.com

Energy Suspension 7-1105R - Energy Suspension Motor Mounts/Motor Mount Inserts - Overview - SummitRacing.com

$58 for prothanes and $26 for ES and if you just want one mount they sell them that way too. Just do a search or that site

Swapping those mounts are one of the easiest mods I have done. You just need a cheap jack/stands, and a second jack ( the OE one will work and you could get away with out it but it helps to move the motor if it sags when you have a mount off), a block of wood, a socket set, a propane torch and or a dremel/sawzaw and some petroleum jelly.

If you want to replace the whole mount and not just do the inserts it is not hard and you don't need a press. You just support the motor with the block of wood and one jack (while the car is on jack stands). Then take the bolts and mounts (out one mount at a time). You can torch the old rubber out ( the long way) or cut it out with the dremel and a drywall cutting bit ( you could use a sawzaw or what ever you have instead). Then lube the new mount up with the vaseline, put the new mount on top of the empty housing and sandwich them in-between two pieces of wood. Then put them under your car's tire and lower the car onto the whole mount sandwich they pop right in.

You could buy the tools for less than you pay that mechanic and you get free tools and experience.
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