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Thread: Hyperco Spring.... SNAPPPED!

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2010-06-28 12:17:26
Def. not a rust issue. That looks like a clean break. They should definately take care of you.
2010-06-28 20:19:52
Ok hyperco just called me, everyone listen up. I got lucky, they are replacing my spring. They just so happen to have ONE spring left to replace mine laying around. The gentleman went on to say that if this were to happen again, I would have to try and go back to the person or forum member who I purchased the spring from and try and get a replacement. (yeah right)

He told me their quick analysis was the snap was caused by corrosion of the spring from road salt that caused coil binding. Now for me thats really hard to believe because it was hardly corroded, but on the other hand I didnt argue because they were replacing the spring.

So fair warning I have the last spring they have. Unless someone gets at them and works up another group buy, (not sure if thats possible) if your spring breaks you are $hit out of luck, they wont replace it. If you live in areas where winter and road salt are present, make sure you pressure wash your springs clean periodically to avoid binding, if that was in fact the cause.

The gentleman did go onto say this is the very first spring he has ever seen come through there that has snapped like that. So for that I stick by material imperfection as the cause rather than road salt. Just be aware in either case.
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