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Thread: front end/steering wheel vibration/shimmy/shaking at 60+mph

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2009-12-08 00:56:14
front end/steering wheel vibration/shimmy/shaking at 60+mph
So far me and my buddy have searched this forum and the dash. The car shakes violently from the front end around 60mph and up. So far these are the things we checked.
Wheel bearings
tie rods
new control arm and checked the other
all bushings
motor mounts
and checked all the front end/subframe/crossmember hardware
new suspension/strut mounts
He took it to a shop and had an alignment done. The dude said that one of the outer tie rods was a little bad-but there is no front to back movement. The rack seems to be leaking ps fluid by the inner tie rod boot. Also the camber on the right side -1.9, left side -0.6 for some reason? The previous owner obviously hit something as one the pass. side the fender weas replaced, the inner tie rod is bent slightly. We really dont want to have to buy a rack or new axles if that is not the problem you know? But i dont know how to check them without replacing them. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Steve
2009-12-08 14:12:57
The obvious would be a wheel out of balance.
2009-12-08 14:19:35
- I say wheel bearings. I'm in the process of replacing both of mine. Check to see if your tire tread is lower in the middle of the tire as well. You might have to much air like I did before. You have to buy the inner and outer seals when you press the new bearings in the hub as well. It's a $100 worth of parts.
2009-12-08 19:28:40
Ok I don't think he explain it well enough. We put his Nx rims and tires which aren't bent and have new tread and are balanced and do not shake on his car but on mine they did. my other buddy owns a alignment shop and he checked all the bushings and tie rod ends and wheel bearings and all are good. I replaced everything eles in the front end except the axles and rack and pinion. I want to add that it shakes at 40 mph to just not as violent.
2009-12-11 08:53:15
Warped brake rotor? Caliper hanging up? CV joints? How about the bearing in the middle of the passenger side axle?
2009-12-11 13:28:57
I just swapped Nx break setup on and it did it before that. I didn't feel any play in the the wheels checking the bearings. I also don't hear any clicking from the axles. I just hate to just play the guessing game with it and spend money that I don't have to. I bought this car and it was suppose to be drop in a motor and be ready to go but I have so many problem with the suspension and steering I regret buying the rolling shell from this person. I paid 1k for the shell and spent like $700-$800 in fixing stuff that was suppose to good which is why I paid 1k for the shell. I got ripped!
2012-03-18 03:40:49

Just got my car back from the alignment shop. I replaced the inner and out tie rods and took the car to be aligned. Well I'm so bumed out the car shakes real bad at over 40mph. IT was just fine before I switched out the rod ends. What to do now?
2012-03-18 03:44:07
Originally Posted by hammerin
The obvious would be a wheel out of balance.

Heh I know this is old, but hank is spot on.
2012-03-18 03:48:19
ya it was fine before I droped it off. Ill have to look tomorrow and see if a weight got knocked off or something.
2012-03-18 09:25:06
I vote CV joints if the shimmy gets steadily worse as speed increases , or ball joints if you can find sweet spots that decrease the shake.
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