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Thread: Feeler Top mount camber plate design (GC style)

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2009-06-17 19:20:55
Feeler Top mount camber plate design (GC style)
See page 2 ... looking for interest!

After much though I think I have it figured out. I need critiques on the design and any ideas.

What I have is a camber / caster plate that will mount on the to pof the housing to gain more suspension travel and lower the car at the same time.

Right now I have Happynole's car in the shop that is running a set of GC plates so I have something to work with. I see some flaws in the design and hopefully I have corrected them with mine.
It also looks like the plates will work on his car and mine (B13 and B14).

I believe this was the solution you guys were looking for the whole time ... an economical GC style plate. I believe the plates will work with coilover applications for the top mount design. The bottom plate design will probably be needed for the standard or lowering spring setup due to the position of the upper spring perch.

Here are the pictures to show the difference in the top plate design. The piece is made out of acrylic for testing only. As you can see the acrylic piece is 1" thick, putting the mounting location at the same height as the GC plates thus doing the same thing. The only thing I can think of right now that will be an issue is running the top plate style with lowering springs and having to use the factory upper perch. There might not be enough room to be able to pivot that large of a diameter in the hole that close to the top of the housing. It will definitely work with the coliover applications. For the lowering spring application you can always use the standard style I just finished designing.

The next step in the process is to find volunteers to give dimensions on their tophats for the adapters I will have to make.
2009-06-17 20:06:49
The goal with the GC design is to increase travel. Keep your design as high as possible to restore travel.

Design a mount in to the plate for a strut tower brace, possibly off the back side for maximum clearance.

I think you'll have a winner on your hands!
2009-06-17 20:08:48
Funny you say that ... Like I said hapypnole's car is here in Orlando at my shop. Stay tuned .. there is a huge surprise for tomorrow.

This is all I can show you ...

2009-06-17 20:23:57
My pants. They have to be changed now.

The design you made on the acrylic looks good. Are the slots the same length as the GC ones? That looks GREAT!

How will these work with Strut bars?

Ill have to take off my suspension to measure my Tein mounts and Ill send them to you.
2009-06-17 20:32:24
Nice work so far, Blue! Something I would be looking for would be the same, if not greater caster adjustment as the GC plates (looking to max it out for AutoX duty). AGX/GC sleeve-tophat compatibility would also be a must. Could you also engrave reference marks to ease setup?


P.S. brace mount points=bonus!
2009-06-17 20:35:47
OMG I just saw the mount points. Im definitely buying this.
2009-06-17 23:36:58
Just wait until tomorrow ... and yes I can get more caster out of the plate because I am using a smaller spherical bearing unlike the GC ones that use a very large bearing and limit caster adjustment. How much side to side are you looking for??
2009-06-17 23:49:49
Originally Posted by bluebomber
The next step in the process is to find volunteers to give dimensions on their tophats for the adapters I will have to make.

I'll get you P10 dimensions LMK.
2009-06-17 23:56:09
blair go ahead ... I need to know what you are running again
2009-06-17 23:59:16
Stock-ish for now. Its the older version of the AGXs. GAB struts and stock springs.

What all do you need measurements of?
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