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Thread: B13 Front Camber Plates for OE Diamter Springs

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2012-01-05 04:46:01
B13 Front Camber Plates for OE Diamter Springs
Hey Chuck,

With the successful group buy of 30 sets of hypercoil springs, I thought you might find a few people interested in a camber plate that allows for lowering the front of the car as well as easy camber adjustment.

And something that will work with your 3-point FSTB would even be better.

My memory is telling me that this may only be possible with coilovers, and OE diameter springs cannot be fitted to a camber plate that also has the ability to lower a car a little more without affecting suspension travel.

If that is true, is there anything else you could cook up to help get rid of the uneven appearance that hypercoil springs give? (due to the fender wells in the rear being lower)
2012-01-05 08:16:29
I would want a set along with a 3 point FSTB that will clear a VE
2012-01-11 07:09:47
Originally Posted by happynole
I would want a set along with a 3 point FSTB that will clear a VE


I would be all over this.
2012-01-11 16:26:42
I have interest as well. Would need VE manifold clearance as well.
2012-01-19 08:31:55
I'm in!
2012-01-25 21:34:31
I'm curious if Chuck still checks this site? lol
2012-12-30 16:01:32
we really need to get these made
2012-12-30 16:23:40
Good luck with it....
2012-12-30 16:47:25
yeah, the more I consider the actual options here (other than chopping up the strut towers), the more I am thinking about just slotting the top bolt hole on the struts, and welding in a little box for shims between the strut housing and the top part of the knuckle to keep it from slipping back. Not sure if that made sense, but we do something similar on the formula car (but of course the box is machined as part of the knuckle/uprights)
2013-01-20 15:11:42
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