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Thread: Tom is the MAN. Those who are skeptical, dont be!

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2008-05-16 21:24:14
Tom is the MAN. Those who are skeptical, dont be!
Hey guys i just registered here, but if you search my name, or a few other names i have on forums i have been around sr20 land for awhile.

i had tom build me a motor awhile back, and the motor performed VERY well. ran great, put down ALOT of power for what was done to it. i was stoked. then i found a problem with the motor about 6 months later. i informed Tom of this, and even though no warranty is ever around with race motors Tom helped me out in a big way!!!!!!!!

if anyone is ever skeptical about Tom, or his new section, dont be. he is the man, and knows more about SR's than anyone i have ever seen.

thanks again big guy!

2008-05-20 19:56:38
thats good to hear as im deciding weither i want to put a motor in my daily, and if i do id like tom to build it.

what did tom build for you ? what numbers did it put down and what went wrong with it ??

2008-05-20 20:58:44
I built an SR20DET S13 for Chris. It was a basic build with pistons, rods, and cams. Everyones needs are different and big numbers arent always a measure of a great engine, but they were good.

The problem was a ring glazing in one cylinder. This dropped compression. Though the engine still ran quite well according to Chris. With his continually being patient and good attitude we made arrangements to get it taken care of.
2008-05-21 01:19:21
cool site bump for you,
2008-08-06 17:16:51
that motor made insane power at low boost! at 15psi i made 407whp. even with the messed up ring.
there wasnt much done to the motor. eagle rods, JE pistons, Slight port on the head (tom knows certain spots that make it flow REALLY well) gt30r turbo, c2 cams, and a few other things. car ran 11.1 at 22psi!
tom knows his **** fo sho!
2008-08-06 23:55:21
Bigtom Ftw!!!
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