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Thread: Kelford cams ....and other new things ...

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2013-01-21 18:37:04
Kelford cams ....and other new things ...
As always it is best to PM for best pricing ...

Kelford Cams - Shopping Cart

SR20-DET S13 (Hydraulic lifter) TURBO - Nissan - Kelford Cams

SR20det GTI-R
SR20DET Pulsar GTi-R (Solid Lifter) - Nissan - Kelford Cams7

And AEMs' new fuel pump ...
It is a universal drop in pump ...

AEMs universal FPR ( one of my favorites )

AEM's EMS for B13 /B14 at great pricing ....
33-6600 or 33-6611 both under 1300.00

And Turbonetics ,AGP an BW turbos ...

will be adding more throughout the week ....
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2013-01-22 02:20:12
And subie guys dont think I have not thought of us as well , I have access to all kinds of things for all kinds of cars , from KW coilovers to BC cams and all kinds of other things ....
2013-01-22 05:33:40
I would like to make a T2 stock location uppipe for WRXs ...somthing like the one Full-Race makes for the EFR , but just sell it as a up and down pipe ...
2013-01-23 12:37:38
Nice to see you got that AEM fuel pump. Looks like a nice unit and hopefully it holds up with some longevity like the other pumps on the market.
2013-01-24 01:19:34
I think it will be a great pump...the only time I have had anybody hate on AEM was on the GTO forum , a guy said all AEM stuff was Knockoff and stolen design junk ...when we were talking about widebands ...
2013-01-24 01:35:26
money has been commenced to savings for some cams
2013-01-24 02:03:57
Originally Posted by sentraman
money has been commenced to savings for some cams

I have ordered a few sets for WRXs ...and they are real nice ...I want a set of VET Kelford cams , but I have to get larger valve relife pistons in my motor first ...
2013-01-27 01:53:22
i need to win the lottery!
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