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Thread: Up coming deals....things you are looking for ...

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2012-11-25 06:04:25
Up coming deals....things you are looking for ...
After PRI I will be hitting the streets hard to bring some of the best deals on things just in time for Xmas and tax time ....so if there is anything you guys have in mind post em up and I will do what I can , and customs as well like IACV spacers for guys wanting to run top feed fuel rails ...I have been considering making a run of fuel rails and sending them off for anodized black ( like the JGS WGs and BOVs )
and making them more universal with different mount kits for each application ....let me know what you think .
Last edited by nissan crazy on 2012-11-25 at 06-14-48.
2012-11-25 08:02:36
top feed setup for ve would be nice
2012-11-28 18:00:00

This would be nice for a b13 with a highport motor
2012-11-28 18:16:57
^^^ To promote understeer?
Last edited by Kyle on 2012-11-28 at 18-17-11.
2012-11-28 18:57:50
how does it promote understeering????
2012-11-28 19:02:20
From the factory, a Sentra will naturally understeer (front end pushes and breaks first, tires squeal, front end plows into whatever is ahead and the car does not turn)

Stiffening the front end of the car exaggerates the relationship. All of this can be viewed in many threads.

I am not saying this piece of complete garbage, at least it mounts the top to the firewall, but most people will not need the front stuff unless they are doing high speed cornering, such as, on a race track. Not autocross, not a drag strip, a real track.

Stiffen the rear first, make the car rotate better in a corner and if it begins to oversteer or gets even twitchier, than the front end can be re-evaluated.
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