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Thread: B13 wins Eastern States National Rallycross

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2011-01-22 22:41:18
Great job. Love the car and the wheels. I had the exact same set on my black, B13 rallycross car (now gone to the crusher).

My car was the second fastest O/A at one of the National events, and the fastest 2WD (1st O/A was an Evo IX). Wasn't me driving, though, I took 3rd in M2 at that event.

I'm looking forward to the first couple of RallyCross events this year with the stage car. Having proper suspension for once should be interesting.
2011-01-26 15:44:10
Just read this. Excellent.

I'm Hell-bent on making this year's RallyCross National Championships in October near Lincoln, NE.

Maybe in my G20 woefully underprepared for PF, or maybe something else...?
2011-02-02 01:33:29
Thanks guys,

During the Eastern States Rallycross Championship event I started to hear an exhaust leak under the front of the car. It was a failed flex section of the front pipe. Today I replaced it. I never liked the aftermarket front pipe that came on this car. I'll show you why. Lets compare it to a new O.E. pipe from Nissan:

The pipe diameters of the two front pipes are the same [but not so on the cat back of the stock system though - beware of cheap aftermarket crush bent systems that only make just one pipe to be shared with the GA16DE cars]. What I specifically don't like is the way the aftermarket primary pipe collector is shaped. The Nissan pipe is much more streamlined and appears to be able to flow better. See how the aftermarket pipe junction is necked down?

Lastly, the old pipe's flex section failed for no apparent reason. It was only two years old. I surmise that the severe shaking it had to deal with on the stock rubber hangers had caused an overstress condition on the rough rally-x courses. Because this car uses urethane engine mounts and is a rattle trap already, I decided that reinforcing the stock hangers with stainless steel clamps to limit the movement of the exhaust system would be of great help. It's likely that this mod would effect the NVH on a stock street car, but with no sound deadener and no interior, my car doesn't know the difference.

2011-02-02 01:36:30
2011-02-14 16:18:22
Blownb310 wrote:

Now I've got to fix my fifth gear "popout" trans that I installed as a four speed on purpose because I thought I'd never be driving this car on the street [and never need fifth gear].
I finally got to rebuilding my spare transaxle and installing it. It was graciously given to me by a friend right before he moved to California. It was tired, but was a great core to rebuild. I put a new 5th gear in it, along with all of the bearings and seals.

You can see the unusually large VLSD side diff carrier bearing that alone costs $180! The other "normal" sized side diff bearing is only like $35.

It's nice to have a quiet transmission and all five forward gears working again though.
2011-02-14 16:23:22
great details and photos!
2011-03-24 01:51:19
Don't know how I missed this thread. Great job!
2011-03-25 01:20:10
Originally Posted by llaprad1
Don't know how I missed this thread. Great job!
Thanks very much Louis.

You guys been rallycrossing out your way?

2011-03-25 01:46:41
Not yet for 2011. We lost our site, and we are still looking for a new one. (We're trying for the site of Bonaroo)

My tow vehicle isn't ready yet, so I can't really go past 100 miles or so, to an event.

But Alabama has been having a butt-ton of events.
2011-03-25 02:34:51
Originally Posted by llaprad1
My tow vehicle isn't ready yet, so I can't really go past 100 miles or so, to an event.
I see. I registered my SE-R and drive it to and from events now. It's much more fun getting there and saves a bunch of gas!

Originally Posted by llaprad1

But Alabama has been having a butt-ton of events.
I saw an advert for an interesting sounding rally-x event in AL this week. I think it was in the mid-atlantic section of another forum. They really know how to promote.
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