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Thread: GC spring length for Rallycross??

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2010-04-01 19:39:59
GC spring length for Rallycross??
I've been e-mailing them back and forth, and they take forever to get back to me...anyways..I still don't have an answer from them.

For rallycross, if I want to keep the stock ride height and stock travel (with the possibility of being a little higher than stock) what is the free length of spring that I need to get?..

I've got my heart set on trying 250f/200r, and the car has been lightened to approx 2300 lbs.

I'm thinking 8"? Somehow I remember 10" though, but I think that's wrong.

The normal B13 GC kit is 7", no?
2010-04-02 01:37:46
Hey Louis, I have 10" springs from Hot Bits on my car. I think the Hot Bits have an extra 1" of travel over stock, but I ran 10" springs for a long time on AGX's for rallycross and never had a problem. I ran stock ride height with that set up at the time.
2010-04-02 04:23:50
I would go with less spring rate if i were you, particularly in the rear. The rear of the Sentra is a little too light
2010-04-02 04:27:52
I've got a battery back there and the trunk weighs a ton form the previous owner who was an audiophile.
2010-04-02 04:39:38
Yeah but my Golf has a gas tank (full size spare+extinguisher+tool bag+first aid kit etc), has more travel and we run 150 to 175 or so in the rear. Too stiff its just gonna oversteer- Dont ya think? I am claiming this coz at the rally-x we went to test the car the rear felt really light (granted there was nothing there) with the stock suspension.
2010-04-02 16:07:14
I'd think the 10" spring is what you would go with too.

You might do well to get some extra springs in different rates and experiment. That's what I've seen a few guys do.
2010-04-03 14:31:57
Wizard, how is the Golf rear suspension? Is it struts like the SER? Sometimes the design of the suspension itself will make spring rates different even with similar weights.

I ran 250# springs on the rear for a little while and it was very tail happy! My car is very light in the back though-lexan windows, gutted trunk, etc.. It made for very predictable lift throttle oversteer, which made the car quick on tight rallycrosses. You didn't have to use the hand brake and sometimes didn't even have to left foot brake. I wouldn't want it that loose for a track day or anything really fast, but it was great at lower speeds on tight, loose dirt.
You can also do some alignment tricks to help with the oversteer if you need to get around the spring rates.
2010-04-03 15:33:46
The Golf setup is similar to the B14-trailing arms. It has the conventional strut/spring combo. It just isn't independent or is so called semi independent. I wouldn't go more than 175 rear springs on any fwd car off the bat.
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