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Thread: SR20DET red top potential HP?????

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2021-08-23 22:15:28
SR20DET red top potential HP?????
I’m looking for some information on the SR20DET red top, I’m looking to build one with around 15:1 compression ( if I can get more that would be awesome) with mechanical fuel injection running alcohol but it has to stay within this rule book just curious what people think I could expect in horsepower at the crank? Also wondering if Nissan made a crank from another engine that would fit in this engine without altering it that would have a longer stroke to try and get a little closer to 2.4L without going over? Any links on performance parts would also be appreciated? Thank you.

B. All engines are allowed a maximum displacement of 148.820 CID. (2.4L)
C. All engines must use an OEM block, OEM cylinder head, and OEM crankshaft combination from the same manufacturer.
D. Lightening the engine block or cylinder head is limited to removing material for the purpose of fitting the engine into the chassis. Removal or addition of material to improve oiling or cooling will be permitted.
E. Lightening of the crankshaft, beyond minimal material removal for balancing, is PROHIBITED. Offset grinding of the crankshaft journals is PROHIBITED. Gears may be removed.
F. Titanium and aluminum connecting rods are PROHIBITED.
G. Titanium valves and valve springs are PROHIBITED.
H. Cylinder head ports MUST remain stock as cast. No alterations from original OEM specifications allowed.
I. Operational variable valve timing (VVT) is PROHIBITED.
J. All engines must be naturally aspirated.
2021-08-25 11:09:58
Lots of good questions I don't have all the answers to.
I know some are boring things out to about 2.3L, so no need for a different crank.

Is this a RWD setup? Even if so, I would highly recommend the SR20VE head for flow and ditch the cam switching mechanism to comply with the rules?
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2021-08-25 20:39:46
It would be in a dirt midget race car rwd and direct drive no transmission not sure how to add photos here to show you want I’m talking about. But here is a YouTube video link Badger Midgets at Angell Park Speedway - 7/7/2019
2021-08-26 09:20:06
I posted recently about how to embed pics here: SR20 ITB identity

And similarly, videos can be embedded as well. Just use VIDEO tags instead of IMG tags.

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2021-09-05 09:38:11
Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine - MotoIQ

Tomei makes a 92mm crank. The rods from Tomei are not allowed because aluminum so you would have to modify the internal engine block and chosen rods to fit the 92mm Tomei crank.

You can overbore to 93mm but need to sleeve the block.

This is the NA forum and you are mentioning an SR20DET Red Top. Is this engine Turbocharged or NA?
2021-09-22 11:52:31
It would be Na but aftermarket cranks are not allowed but I can use any crank Nissan makes some people are doing the same thing with the honda motors swapping cranks I’m just not sure what Nissan cranks are interchangeable with this motor that would increase stroke.
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