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Thread: Are importers still selling tsunami flooded engines to sr20 folks?

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2021-05-01 13:23:32
Are importers still selling tsunami flooded engines to sr20 folks?
Got a sr20ve from a guy in FL called Andreas back in 2006-2007. Sold me a bad transmission too. The sr20ve engine had obvious flood damage, rust on the cams, VVL never worked right under load, oil pickup was even bent a bit. Transmission had teeth torn out, obvious. The seller gave me nothing but crap, never settled up. Every time I spoke with him, he would speak super-fast and unintelligible when the conversation didn't go his way. Yet so many gave him praise.

I hated the experience of working on sr20's so much because of him and a few others. When my g20 was totaled by a street racing motorcyclist, I never worked on cars again. I had put so much effort into it and got bent over every step of the way. Some Greg V guy could never manage to get me the right parts, when they arrived at all.

My 2008 ALtima LE has been so great but not that the PTSD is wearing off a bit, I've thought about the sr20 again (and a manual transmission). Just don't want to deal with a bunch of 'wads any more.

Has the scene gotten any better? Worse?
2021-05-01 18:13:18
Never had a problem with Greg V. Miko is still selling parts as well, I have only purchased that modified clutch arm from Miko.

There are less cars, less parts, and less people now. I remember your forum name, welcome back here.
2021-05-02 14:57:44
I'm sorry to hear things did not go well for you all those years ago.
If you were having trouble with @GregV and @Andreas Miko in the past, then you were in the severe minority.
No, things have not gotten "better". Like @Kyle said, everything is a bit less everything.
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2021-05-05 22:29:30
Like others have stated I never had an issue with either, both are stand up guys maybe reach out to them?
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