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Thread: 54C SR20 cylinder head cut-a-way and other adventures...

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2019-12-17 11:28:49
54C SR20 cylinder head cut-a-way and other adventures...

Been waiting on this for a while!
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2019-12-17 17:08:30
Great work!

Which head exactly?
2019-12-17 17:11:48
The intake port should be a dead give away.
2019-12-17 17:21:11
Yah, I mean, I'm thinking typical high-port, but I'm a bit fuzzy on it.
2019-12-18 10:49:33
This is a 54C cylinder head. Straight shot into the combustion chamber.
2019-12-18 12:51:06
Something worth putting in the thread title I'd wager.
2019-12-18 14:25:35
I doubt anyone cares. lol
2020-02-29 22:40:03
nice stuff guys
2021-04-26 13:23:13
Moar 54C stuff
Removed another set of 54C internal head work as per request of the client.

First come out the rockers, they use a spring to retain the pivot location over the solid lifter.

More guts come out. Since this was a removal only type of deal, I used the tool with magnet inside, rest the tool over the top hat or spring retainer and give it a good whack with a hammer. The spring is compressed enough that the keepers get sucked out to the magnet and then the top hat spring retainer is easily removed with the spring and then the valve can come right out.

Image of the tool I used for valve removal.

Here is the cylinder head ready to go to the client for his work.

This was the cleanest 54C head I had in my hoard collection.

Here are my leftovers. Now I get to sort them through the 100+ specs to see what size shims I have left.

Naturally, I inquired what the desired goal was for this cylinder head. I was told a 93mm x 92.5mm engine. The 92.5mm stroke is a modified Tomei crankshaft and using Honda H-Beam D16 rods modified for 45mm bearings and a slight offset ground. Should be done around July if all goes well.
2021-06-04 15:17:48
54C the SR20 King.
Latest update is as follows.

A stock 54C head will flow around 235 CFM @ .500" lift.

A fully prepped and ported Mazworx VE head flows 278 CFM @ .500" lift. (measured)

The new 54C head I sent out and was just recently worked and then tested has achieved 312 CFM @ .500" lift. (measured) This is with the roller barrel intake attached so it is a full intake tract. Un-finished exhaust ports. Combustion chamber yet to be finished, final valve grind and a final surface finish remain to be done on this head. This work is not finished yet, but the early work shows real promise.

Big win on this front. Always knew a 54C could do it. But this is what happens when you spend entirely too much money on a DE. So totally worth it for the "clout" as the zoomers call it now.

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