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Thread: Bearing clearance question. Acl race h vs "hx"

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2015-06-16 19:58:46
Bearing clearance question. Acl race h vs "hx"
Hey guys,

What are your thoughts on the hx bearings with the additional 0.001" oil clearance? Busy refreshing my bottom end. Motor seemed fine with acl race h series before, but is there any benefit to the hx? Sr20ve on 8cw crank. Sees a lot of 9k rpm. Specifically referring to the mains here.
2015-06-17 05:34:35
decode block/ crank, measure crank journal / bore, calculate clearance, is it within range ? is clearance on tighter side of spec ? use hx to get to the happy medium, if on loose side or at happy medium, use std.
If needed use plastigauge. If way too loose, cut crank get oversize bearings, have mains align-honed dont forget to check thrust clearance
might as well balance crank and internals if you like to spin to 9k.
2015-06-17 08:04:53
Hi. Yeah everything has been dynamically balanced.

Thanks for the input. I thought about it and realized that without measuring everything like you said it would be hard to tell which are better.

My engine builder would have had the clearances on the crank set when the motor was originally built, so I'm assuming they are ok with the std size bearings after all. Guess I should just stick with those. They were fine before I opened the motor after all.
2015-06-25 22:07:02
doesn't hurt to reinspect to make sure if there was any contamination in oil that may have scored the top layer of bearing, it doesnt take much to eat a bearing, and as always prep is 90% of the build. Good luck on your re-build
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